MBZ - Elder Dudley - The Covenant

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Description - Innocent and handsome, Elder Dudley has always followed the rues even if it didn’t make sense. But for the first time in his life , things were making sense. Finally he understood his feelings for other boys. Finally he understood why he dreamt of being fucked by his handsome priesthood leaders.
Initially he worried his crush on Elder Ence had led him to justify breaking the rules. After all, the two had spent so many nights fucking. But, his last visit with President Nelson and President Oaks, was a life changing experience.
The visit culminated with an atonement ceremony, and amplified his eagerness to join the priesthood order.
Dudley was made to open his asshole on the priesthood stretcher while Nelson and Oaks watched in stony silence. The handsome and intimidating figures have a powerful effect on sweet young boys, who find themselves only wanting to make those daddies happy.
He took as many of the increasingly thick pegs as he could handle and when he was done, Oaks told him he’d been a good little initiate. Then he bent Dudley over and fucked his ass raw.
Dudley’s hole is still sore from that pounding, but more than anything he wants to begin the next step in his journey.
President Oaks leaves him in the dark chamber and told two temple workers to clean and prepare the boy’s body. Two hugely muscular daddies whom Dudley had never seen before picked him up and laid him on an altar.
Meticulously they wiped down his body of all the sweat and cum. They were in no rush, but eventually dressed him in a sheer ceremonial robe.
One of these muscular daddies led Elder Dudley through the Temple halls, nudging him forward as he played with the boy’s exposed ass until he brought Dudley to a tiny door. Dudley had to crouch down and get on all fours to enter.
He waits, as Oaks has instructed him, for a sharp knock and then he crawls inside.
The light in the room is blinding, but he immediately recognizes the hand that grabs his neck and leads him to the bed. It is President Nelson, the imposing, muscle daddy who filled Dudley so full when they first met he nearly passed out.
Nelson instructs the boy to wash his feet while President Oaks stands as a witness in the corner. Nelson then pulls off his shirt and reveals his rippling abs. The boy gulps and slowly runs a cloth across his chest, paying special attention to the President’s hardening nipples.
President Nelson places Dudley’s hand on the crotch of his sacred underwear. His throbbing cock is threatening to burst through the material. “You must do everything I desire” Nelson tells the boy.

Dudley pulls the thin material down and gazes in wonder at President Nelson’ pulsing member. President Nelson’s cock is magnificently long and thick and perfect. He doesn’t have much time for admiration as Nelson quickly pushes Dudley’s mouth down on the wet head.
Dudley swallows President Nelson’s shaft. President Nelson thrusts and grunts. Looking at the boy in his big beautiful brown eyes as his cock is wrapped in the boy’s warm velvety soft mouth, Nelson reassures him, “you’re just like a son to me.”
The praise and the feeling of Nelson’s dick filling his throat makes Dudley ache with desire. His cock begins weeping precum.
Too quickly, the President pulls out and tells Dudley to bend over on the bed. Dudley feels the President’s thick, insistent tongue pressing into his asshole. His large, powerful hand grips Dudley’s nagging erection. He isn’t sure how long he’ll be able to hold out.
“Are you ready for me?” Nelson says, straddling the boy. Dudleys nods into the mattress and moans. He feels Nelson’s dickhead pushing against and teasing his hole. Slowly he inches forward, opening the boy until his ass can accommodate the girth of his massive mushroom head.
Elder Dudley will do anything to please this man. He wants Nelson to own him, to breed him, and use his body for the man’s pleasure.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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