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[ChaosMen] 0059 Davis & Mitch RAW - 720x480

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DescriptionAs I mentioned earlier, Mitch and Davis are friends, and they both agreed to do a full on sex film together.

There is a bit of giggling and nervousness that is clearly based on the awkwardness of doing things with a friend you?d thought you?d never be doing. They obviously had been discussing what they were going to do before  the shoot, cracking themselves up.

Davis takes the lead since Mitch really didn?t know what to do. Davis tosses Mitch to the bed (Just like Jack did to him) and the goofy smile that crosses Mitch's face is priceless as he realizes just what he got himself in to.

Mitch also clearly stated beforehand that nothing was going in to his mouth.

Davis hadn't really seen Mitch at full hard on status, and he freaked a little when he realized that big thing was going up his butt. Out of guilt for having such a big dick, Mitch actually volunteered to suck Davis's cock, as filler so that Davis wouldn?t have to get fucked so much. Whatever it takes! If you listen closely, you hear Mitch say "Fuck this" just before he puts Davis?s cock in his mouth.

Experienced cock suckers will see neither of them is really "good" at cock sucking, but hey, you all seem to want to see straight guys get it on, well, the reality is, they just aren?t pros at it. But you gotta give them an ?A? for effort. These guys REALLY want you to get off to what they do, and I think that is important for you all to know.

Davis and Mitch stayed hard through most of the shoot, and Davis almost came a couple times. He found several positions that he liked and we did them a couple times as he was getting off to them.

Davis cums with Mitch planted deeply inside of him, and Davis was floored by how "good" it felt being rammed and cumming at the same time. I think we have convert!

In all honesty, Mitch struggled to cum, and Davis tried to remain part of the scene, but you could tell Davis didn?t want to interrupt Mitch?s mojo as he tried to get over the top. He?s avoiding touching him as Mitch got in to his own zone. I actually think its cool that they both were worried about each other, and doing their best to make sure the other performed well.

This is one hot video, one that you will likely hold on to for many years.

SPOILER ALERT: I have been adding some Behind the Scenes and Out Takes to the end of these videos. If this spoils the fantasy for you, then stop watching the movie after the last still image plays.

I think I cut these films so good, that you guys don?t actually believe many of these guys are straight. It?s a fine line showing the out takes - It can spoil it for you, but at the same time, it shows that these guys are struggling.

But the out takes on this video are fun. You can clearly see these guys are friends that think making out with your best friend is a pretty goofy thing to do. Cracking each other up as only a friend could do.

Give me some feedback on if you think I should keep doing this.

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