[Nakedsword] Grindhouse (mp4)

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Description[Nakedsword] Grindhouse

Welcome to Grindhouse, a gritty look at the seedy world of San Francisco strip clubs - a place where even good guys go bad. Club owner Trenton Ducati is battling to build a respectable business, but when some old prison pals show up looking for a cut of the hustle, he's got to make some unconventional moves. With stage-hungry twinks, money-hungry dancers, and party-hungry stars, Grindhouse isn't your average sex show. If you want to get a good seat here, you better be ready to tip... big!

Cast: Trenton Ducati, Seth Knight, Angelo Marconi, Christian Wilde, Adam Killian, Woody Fox, Tyler Alexande and Jake Genesis

Length : 1.57 hrs.
Resolution: 640x360
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