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♺ Bijou - Slave & Master: Crime Does Pay & The Bloody End

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Crime Does Pay is David Nesor's first attempt at a "storyline" in his series of heavey S & M video tape productions. A patron of an adult bookstore thinks he can get away with a free magazine, but is quickly spotted by Leather Rick (according to John Rowberry, a "heavy-leather giant") and hauled upstairs. He is ordered to strip and meekly complies, whereupon restraints are placed on his wrists and ankles, and his hands are raised above his head.

The story in this gay porn BDSM video is about what happens to a shoplifter who gets caught and the punishment he received for his thievery. But, as you will see, the shoplifter is a true masochist who will be back in a week or two to steal again, needing to get caught and punished.

After a few swats with the paddle, Rick decides he doesn't want a moving target, so chains his ankles to the floor. Now, unable to move very far, Rick really lays it on, using paddles, a cat, and a long whip that almost moves Rick up camera. The unnamed bottom (who happened to be at the business end of the whipping in Down and Dirty) screams and yells with each lash.

Even though I'm sure he is hamming it up a bit, this is one of the heaviest whipping sequences I have seen on video. There is one place on his side under his armpit where it looks like Rick actually drew blood.

At this point, a subplot of sorts develops. It seems as if two store employees perhaps got horny and decided to come upstairs. They take little notice of the punishment being given out, and one proceeds to tie the other ass up on a foot-locker. Lots of Crisco serves to prepare the ass for the invading hand to the punishment.

After some more whipping, Rick gets some lighted candles and starts to drip hot wax and singe body hair. The patron leans back as far as his bonds allow, but this only serves to make it easier to drop hot wax on his chest and stomach.

Finally he struggles enough to break the rope holding his hands, and he falls over backwards. Rick decides he need to be CHAINED down, but actually just winds up wrapping the shoplifter in chains and padlocks and gives more hot wax and whipping.

Finally he is freed and made to crawl down the stairs, being chased along with the whip. Rick throws his clothes down after him and finally the magazine. After all, he REALLY paid for it.

The transfer was acceptable, but it seems as if they forgot some of the lessons that they learned in doing Terrible Trilogy, as they walked in front of the lights and even pointed the camera at them.

It seems hard to believe they kept those sequences as this one was obviously shot with two cameras so they could have cut to the second one where Rick happened to walk in front. However, overall, it is worth watching if you are into whipping scenes.

"Authentic S/M combined with a short story that produces what will obviously be a new trend from the ballsy and innovative Slave & Master video company. Leather Rick could have been one of the original storm troopers of the Third Reich. Or a cop from Detroit. He's merciless in slamming the young offender around. He grabs the young snot's arms, yanks them over his head, chains him to a convenient overhang, then rips his clothes off. All the while calling him all kinds of worthless asshole....Crime Does Pay brings Dave Nesor to the crest of his form as a new director, having moved from a nearly cinema verite style (Everything But the Kitchen Sink, The Pain Down Below) through experiments with sustained narrative line (The Terrible Trilogy) to this structured, if still highly avant garde mini drama. Given a bigger budget, a larger cast ... Dave Nesor is destined to create the first SM Movie-of-the-Week." -- John Rowberry, Drummer Magazine #74

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BDSM | Bear | Fetish | Fisting | Leather | Mature | Daddy | Pissing | Watersports | Spanking | Rough Sex | Whipping
Year: 1982
Cast: Leather Rick; Donut
Length: 52
Studio: Slave & Master
Director: David Nesor
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