Steve's Dungeon: Massage Boy

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DescriptionMassage boy has been coming over to give me a massage for the past year. This boy is very shy and it took me a while to get him to strip down to his shorts while giving me a massage. He obviously has a very nice body....smooth and I've been wanting to have him submit to me in my Dungeon. However, he has never agreed to do that......until now! Actually, I was sooooooooooooooo fucking determined to get him strung up and naked....I decided I'd have to trick him into getting tied up. First, I convinced him to let me video tape the massage. Then, it took me about an hour to lure him into a position where I could get him secured in my bondage frame. And I FINALLY succeeded in getting him strung up.....and helpless. And then the fun really begins. Now, after all those months of wanting to check out this boy's naked body.... I was finally able to strip him and expose his private parts. Over the past year, this boy has had his hands all over my body.... now it was my turn to feel him up. And as you might imagine....I took full advantage of that!

The first time Massage boy was in my Dungeon, I tricked him into getting tied up. This time, he showed up voluntarily for a session. But now he knows what he will have to deal with in the Dungeon and he's very nervous about what he will experience... as he should be! I start off by feeding him some SIR cock and then requiring him to strip himself while keeping my cock in his nice warm mouth. After he strips to his undies, I string him up...and the fun begins. Massage boy has a very nice/muscular body and I enjoy feeling him up, exploring his body and finding his sensitive spots. It takes a subtle touch and finding just the right spots on this boy to get some good response. And I managed to find ALL of the right spots.
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