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Lucas Raunch - Raw Piss (720P)

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Description11 scenes

Pedro Andreas And Dolf Dietrich Piss, Suck, And Fuck Bareback
And who better to start the movie “Raw Piss” off than Pedro and Dolf. Here Dolf is on the bottom again, like he was with Rocco Steele, and the gorgeous Pedro pounds the guy’s ass. And it’s worth noting just how killer Pedro Andreas’ body is! Fans of gay water sports and bareback fucking must see this scene!

Alejandro Alvarez, Josh Milk, And Toby Dutch
Anytime Alejandro Alvarez appears in a scene it’s a treat to be savored. He’s an amazing gay porn star that loves sex, and that love comes through every time he fucks on camera. He’s teamed up with Josh Milk and Toby Dutch (who has incredibly strong and diabolical eyes), and the three of them cause quite a bit of raunchy mischief with one another. That includes pissing on each other, sucking, and bareback fucking!

Adam Killian and Marco Milan Fuck in the Shower
Everyone has tried peeing in the shower, but the real fun is peeing on someone. Marco Milan, Lucas Raunch's new gay bareback porn star and boyfriend of Adam Killian, does just that! He gives Adam Some of his piss before they get hot and heavy under the water: Adam takes Marco's fat cock up his ass raw!

Draven Torres Drinks Jonathan Agassi's Piss from the Tap
Draven Torres is a pig in and out of bed, but no one beats Jonathan Agassi! Wearing their favorite black jockstraps, the guys hop into a tub, play with their dicks, and start pissing, and when it comes to water sports between two hot me, Jonathan and Draven are always begging for more!

Mikoah Kan and Cam Christou: Piss Pig Action
Cam Christou is a guy who could seduce anyone: is it possible to turn away a guy with a shaved head, beautiful tattoos, and a lean body? Now introduce some raunchy sex into the equation -- is it still easy to be seduced by him? It is for Mikoah Kan, who loves taking a mouthful of piss from Cam, and he loves delivering one too!

Rocco Steele And Nigel Banks: Gay Piss And Water Sports
It’s short, but anything with Rocco Steele is a scene worth watching. His scene partner: the adorable Nigel Banks, who looks great working on a big dick. The intergenerational aspect to this raunchy encounter makes it shine, especially when Nigel is down on his knees sucking Rocco’s enormous cock and taking his piss in his mouth. Talk about a tease: these two need to fuck in full soon!

Toby Dutch And Tomas Brand | Watersports In The Shower
In this outtake from the upcoming "Raw Double Penetrations II," Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch leave an exhausted Alejandro Alvarez in bed after fucking him beyond belief. While Alejandro recooperates, Toby and Tomas slip into to the shower, make out, suck some cock, and piss on each other!

Nick North, Josh Milk, And Aaron Steel | Water Sports Threesome
After the hardcore threesome between Nick North, Josh Milk, and Aaron Steel that appeared in "Raw Double Penetrations 02," they finish off their time together in the tub of their hotel room's bathroom. Fans of hot porn stars taking pissing in the mouth, filthy rimming, and ass-to-mouth (especially with piss still on their tongue) you won't want to miss this scene!

That's a Huge Dildo! Can Fostter Riviera Handle All of It?
That's really big. No, no, really -- it's honestly huge. It's hard to believe someone could possibly take a dildo as huge as the one on screen, but leave it to Fostter Riviera to not let size stop him. This guy is a trooper for even considering taking a ride on the dildo he was given by the Lucas Raunch production team. His asshole loosens up after some deep plunges from the dildo, so why not take it to the next level? Tomas Brand stops by and shoots a quick blast of piss into his wide ass hole. And some new faces make an appearance also to squirt quick into Fostter's newly formed pisshole: Josh Milk, Theo Ford, and Alejandro Alvarez!

Jonathan Agassi Bathes in Jeff Stronger's Piss After Bareback Sex
Jonathan Agassi is a sex addict through and through, and whatever you want to do he's willing to take it to the next level! Jeff Stronger (as his name implies) is a power top who doesn't like to have his time wasted: when he's ready for gay bareback sex, he expects to get it! Jonathan sits on the toilet in Jeff's bathroom, grabs a hold of his tops dick, and enjoys the warm flow of Jeff's piss on him. Jonathan gets so hot that he spins around so Jeff can grab him by his hips and give him a pounding before they finish off their lust in the shower!

Ivan Gregory’s Water Sports Solo On Fire Island
When Ivan Gregory was last on Fire Island, he took some time to himself to explore his raunchier side and engage in personal water sports!

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