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Director: Vlado Iresch
Studio: Raw Films Ltd.
Produced: 2005

Starring: Robbie Masters, Dion Philips, Thomas Wolf, Filip Dorty, Lucky Pen, Drago Lembeck, Ronnie Wilson, Ricci Silverado, Rocky Sommers, Thomas Lee, Filip Armstrong, Sanchez Viva

RAW Studios has struck gold this year using its powerful combination of well-scrubbed young cuties, barebacking along with solid filming and editing styles. In Raw Edge the theme is snow skiing. Here the beautiful boy-men are holed up in a ski chalet. However, this particular group spends their scarce vacation time away from the snow powder. This is because they cannot keep their paws off each other.

The first scene starts the film off on an explosive note. In fact it possibly the finest of the lot. Filip Dorty spies his buddies Robbie Masters and boxcoverboy Filip Armstrong having a early morning suck session. (Masters was last seen skiing as Adam Kubick in Tribal Pulse's Ski Trip). All three spirited youths are smooth, playful and hot enough to melt all the snow which is supposed to be piled up outside.

After some cocksucking, the two turn their hardened attention to the pixyish Dorty. Each one takes full turns on his trim, tight ass. In a high point, Masters finishes and greases up Armstrong's erection, upon which the bottom quickly slides down. This is Dorty's first DVD appearance.
Masters and Armstrong also give him an eye-opening double penetration, and Armstrong blows his hot boyspunk into Masters's mouth.

The next scene could be titled The Seduction of Lucky Pen. However, it is the audience who is lucky, because this blond is a doll. Broadly built, he wears a terrific smile and sports a fantastic body, right down to his ass. Barmen Thomas Wolf and Ricci Silverado spy him while he is eating. Having fun, they tease him with their dicks, but Pen seems scared by the show, quickly retiring to his bedroom.
They follow him to discover that Penn, in an act of selfish pleasure, has already inserted a dildo inside him. Having none of that, the two replace the object with their own stiff uncut cocks. Penn wears his tight red t-shirt throughout, making his frame even more arousing to watch. Legs spread wide, his ass makes a perfect object for screwing.

Wolf gets first dibs, sticking it inside early on. He pumps him until he shoots his cum all over the bottom's balls and pubes. Silverado, who has a bigger cock, delights in his sloppy seconds opportunity with the fuckable blond. He gives him another high-powered pumping until he pulls out and sprays in Penn's lucky mouth.

An all-oral quickie develops in the bathroom as Armstrong discovers dirty blond Thomas Lee jacking there smelling his underwear. Armstrong shoots his load onto the undies, and stuffs it into his pal's face. Not to be unfair, they move into the bedroom where Lee then gives him a taste of his own medicine. Then only to show how sex-crazed this chalet is, Armstrong leaves his friend only to stop at the next door down the hall, where he finds time to coax out another cumload using his oral skills.
The next duet is another barnburner. Masters returns for his second scene of the film. He plays table tennis with fellow blond Dion Phillips (Raw Recruits) wearing just their white jockstraps. Masters goes off to take a piss, and Phillips finds him in there with an erection. Phillips sits on the pot and blows Masters until he cums.

They decide to use this glorious boyjuice as lube for a rollicking buttbanging by Phillips. This spermy toilet tryst has Masters plowed in two different positions, and the top never removes his jock the entire time. Masters also swallows his friend's load.
The movie finishes with a five man orgy. Brunet Ronnie Wilson quickly becomes the center of gravity amongst the tops. He gets pined down by an impressive set of beefy guys and noteworthy dicks, including Rocky Summers (aka Roland Somsak in Hung Hotel), Sanchez Viva and Drago Lembeck (Good Fellows). Legs up and apart on the table the guys take their turns on him, all draining their spooge on him like a cumrag.

If this film does not bring a smile to your face and your arse crack then nothing will, it has everything in it a gay boy could desire. Six scenes filled with nothing but Eastern European men. Words such as gorgeous hardly even manage to even describe such perfect masculine men! There is so much hot and horny sex in this including a five man orgy. Excellent all around suck, fuck and cum in the mouth moments. The guys are hot, the sex is even hotter.

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