♺ The Best of Diego Lozano (2007)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-05-30 |
Cast:  Diego Lozano, Jefferson Garcia, Jorge Ervet, Pepe Numez,
Ramon Mendez, Emilio Calvo, Felipe Sainz, Leon Pavia,
Mateus Fernandes

Director:  Alexander

Country:  Brazil

Length: approx. 2 hr

Year: 2004-2006

Studio :  Alexander Pictures


From the liner notes:
"See what made Diego Lozano a true Alexander Pictures legend! This movie includes six scorching hot full-length scenes from Alexander Pictures greatest titles of all time. This collection is a must-own DVD!"

3 Reasons To Buy This Film

That smile
Those eyes
That beautiful, hard, long... we'll stay classy and just say that our
man Diego has got the whole package

1. Be Clear About What You Want
Diego Lozana, Jeferson Garces, Jorge Ervet
Boy-faced Diego Lozana and sexy-lips Jeferson Garces are sitting in
a bar having a few brews when Jorge Ervet decides to take a
much-needed break from stacking beer crates.
Suddenly, he strips off his sexy one-piece jumpsuit, revealing a
hugely developed chest and smooth, cut abs. The two boy-buds
who were licking their mouths in anticipation finally get their wish
when all three hot Brazilians begin a mouth watering, cum-spilling
suck and fuck session, centering around Jorges mega-dick which
takes TWO (maybe three?) mouths to fully engorge! see also
8 Inches from Brazil 2 found in compilation The Best of Jefferson Garcia

2. Is this something you'd want again?
Diego Velasco & Pepe Numez
Diego prunes plants in his garden patio when Pepe stops by for a surprise visit. Remembering the hot action they had in the past gets them both fired up for another dick-eating, tongue-licking, ass-pounding session. After Diego sits willingly on Pepes throbbing Brazilian meat, their horniness is finally relieved as they both shoot their loads copiously and powerfully. see also Doing the Trick: Brazilian Cum Ons 2

3. Diego Lozano &  Ramon Mendez
Right away, we see the sexy, dreamy-eyed Diego determined to open the door to a bar which has not yet opened for the afternoon. Once we see Ramon, the hot bartender, we understand Diegos motivation: to be fucked hard by the red-hot chili-pepper hottie. With his massive cock and his big, Brazilian lips, Ramon is perfect beat-off material. The tight camera angles which Alexander Pictures has perfected, show close-ups of the exact pussy-hole Diego begs Ramon to fill. Finally, Ramon gives him what he came for when cum spurts all over the scene. see also Bananas from Brazil 1 found in compilation The Best of Ramon Mendez 1

4. You've Already Crossed the Line
Emilio Calvo, Felipe Sainz, Diego Lozana
The scene opens with Emmilio Calvo dancing and stripping in a dark strip-club cage. His writhing and self-pleasure is too much for Felipe Sainz to handle. Soon, the erotic dancer approaches Felipe, their giant poles are exposed and the cock-eating begins. Meanwhile, sex-hungry Diego Lozana watches on from a few meters away until he finally decides to join the dark, Brazilian beauties for a three-way of massive proportions. All three of these dudes have dicks at least ten inches long, making this scene seem like all cock and nothing else! Somehow, Diego is still alive after his extremely tight hole is plucked and plundered by the first two big-dicked muscle-men in seemingly impossible positions! see also 8 Inches from Brazil 2 found in compilation The Best of Black Men 1

5. Don't sit on the fence!
Leon Paiva &  Diego Lozano
Leon gets horny perusing a porn magazine, so he phones Diego to cum over for some hot action. They start out with lips interlocking, then the two big-dicked students begin a long suck-fest that leads to Diego's eager ass being plowed lovingly by Leon's rock-hard tool. Finally, cum is climaxed all over their dark, tight abs while they continue to passionately kiss each other. see also Yours to Have: Brazilian Cum Ons 4

6. Ask for more!
Diego Lozano &  Mateus Fernandes
Diego suggests to Mateus that his cock is bigger than the guy in the porn magazine. To prove it, they begin a passionate love-making session which affords the viewer an unforgettable display of the tattooed, uncut, Brazilians in all of their uninhibited glory. Diego begins to top Mateus, offering further proof of his massive, hard dick, then later, they reverse positions. Finally, they both moan to their climax! see also Feeling Him Out: Brazilian Cum Ons 3

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