♺ Forbidden Thai Sticks #1

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Forbidden Thai Stick gets it power from the many miles of foreign man ass and mouth that they have plowed their way through. Here you will find the cutest Ladyboys packing the Hardest, Sweetest and most Potent Thai sticks you can imagine..... "Smoke em if She is got one!!!!" May is our pretty covergirl. She is looking real cute in her polka dot red dress with red see-through stockings on. She has long hair and a girly face She is very slim and just budding her tiny new breasts. Her mushy nut bag makes its way from her skirt and her hairless hog starts to poke through her polka dots. Her cock is super hard and sports a solid right hook to it. She undresses our man and readies his cock for a super sucking, where she tongue swirls and slobbers on his entire knob. He inhales the bulk of her stiffie before cramming her shit box bareback in spoon, before his buddy comes in to join in the fun. He quiets her up with his wang down her throat, as the three go at it long and hard. They split her legs wish bone style as they drill her ass out and fuck her mouth. Her dong flops in circles and up and down as she gets railed in RCG. His pal gets his chance at her ass too, barebacking her much like his buddy just did. They suck her flat titties and massage her ball bag, getting her to cough up a creamy one all over her chiseled mid-section. The boys get their turn each landing a healthy one on each of her tiny tits. Natacha is tall and thick. She has dark hair and a juicy set up tits. Her eyes and lips are tell tale signs that this girl is a very horny slut. What they do not tell you is what kind of havoc the hairless salami between her legs can wreak. She destroys a cock we provide her with to suck on, deep throating it and sucking harder than we have seen most ladies suck before. Her penis tip peeks from behind its foreskin curtain, as our guy warms her ass up bareback in RCG. Her 3rd member starts to grow as her ass swallows our mans meat with ease. He drills away at it as she strokes her thang, before he pulls out, spanking and spraying a flying one all over her D-cup boobs. Mikki is a long legged, long haired sexy Ladyboy who is always hungry for some fresh cock. We send her a new Thai boy for some fun and she takes advantage quick. She jumps on him licking his body over and playing with his sack. Her own healthy hog bulges from her leapord skin bikini bottoms, as she peels back her foreskin while softly sucking his wong. Her banana comes full ripened once our newbie starts to suck on it. He splits her skinny butt cheeks and rams her shitter with long deep strokes. Her tight tummy and ballsack suck up his cock, as her hips move up and down. Her ding dong flops up and down and from side to side till she stuffs it up his bottom and strokes his rectal cavity till she prepares to blow. She tosses out a healthy one; thick and white with a long squirt. He follows up by drilling her ass some more and finally blowing, as he yanks himself off and rubs it on her face. Tumcha is not the prettiest tranny in town but her erotic nature makes up for it. She has tatoos and big tits. She has dark skin and long hair. She has a slutty mouth and tongue to go along with her stiff wang. She slaps our mans ass as she swallows and slobbers all over his cock. She feeds him her hog and he respectfully pays homage to it. They sword fight and bang wangs before she mounts his shaft and fucks his cock like a wild tranny that has yet to be tamed. Her hairless sausage shakes as she bakes his cock in her anal oven. She flips him over, continuing to slap his ass and this time penetrate it too with her stiffie. She slams him hard and breaks his skinny ass in, before they go back to him on top and her getting ready to spray a a massive one all over her own tits. He does the same; mixing their cum together to soak into her dark skin and silicone filled balloon sacks. The cast includes ladyboys such as Natacha, May, Mikki, Tumcha.
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