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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-14 |

Studio: All Worlds Video

Director: Various

Cast List:Tag Adams, Sergio Anthony, Leo Bramm, Michael Brandon, Trent Cougar, Rick Gonzales, Owen Hawk, Alex Leon, Miguel Leonn, Arpad Miklos, Antonio Montez, Sean West

A compilation of some of the most memorable scenes featuring Tag Adams, an All Worlds Video favorite. This 5-scene collector's edition is over 3 hours long. Scene #1 - Caught, But Not Arrested TAG ADAMS plays a highway patrol man and arrests SEAN WEST, who's caught having sex in the park. Instead of arresting Sean, Officer Tag makes Sean get down on his knees and suck his cock. Along comes Officer TRENT COUGAR with hard on in pants as he watches his partner getting mouth serviced. As Sean continues blowing Tag, Trent takes out his pud and wanks it as he watches. Not being able to hold back his hard on, Trent forces Sean to service his pole as well. He teases young Sean's smooth ass with his nightstick Sean goes back and forth between the two cocks while the officer's swap spit. Tag is pushed down to his knees and deep throats his buddy's cock The two take turns feeding the cock to each other before Sean rims Tag's pucker. Tag continues sucking off his partner until Trent sticks his cock into Tag's ass. Sean sucks off Tag as big Trent plugs him. Sean lies on the ground and Trent eats out his ass before invading it with his cock with Tag locking lips with his newfound bottom buddy. Tag stuffs his cock in Sean's mouth while Trent plugs away at the tight fuck hole. Sean shoots his wad with Officer Trent still pounding away in his ass with Tag following by spilling his boy butter on Sean's chest.

Scene #2 - Pool Boy MIGUEL LEONN and TAG ADAMS are making out by the waterfall at the All Worlds Resort in Palm Springs. As they kiss passionately, they rub their taut bodies together with their hard rods peeking out of their Speedos. Tag begins kissing the dark Latino's neck, down to his pecs and abs, until his mouth finds it's way to Miguel's rigid, uncut cock. Tag sucks on it urgently, all the way down to the base of the shaft gagging, and Miguel pumps Tag's face roughly and slaps it repeatedly with his hard cock. Tag slips his tongue inside Miguel's foreskin and swirls it around, and squeezing love nectar that was forming on the head of Miguel's joystick. Miguel turns Tag around to rim the white boy's ass, alternating his tongue and fingers to probe deeper inside Tag's pink hole. Then he slowly slides his thick cock inside Tag's eager hole, spreading him wide and gaining speed till Tag is screaming with ecstasy. Miguel pounds Tag's ass really hard, so hard that Tag has to grab on to a tree. But Miguel is not satisfied, so he mounts Tag in a missionary position on a bench, digging deep as his balls bang against Tag's ass cheeks. As they continue rocking the bench furiously, Sergio, the pool boy, watches with temptation. This gets Miguel even more excited, as he unleashes a torrent of love juice all over Tag, which is soon followed by Tag's own thick climax.

Scene #3 - Raw TAG ADAMS, plays a sex deviant, whose lewd and perverted activities in public places is being studied by Dr. Shira, who has determined that his condition is incurable. The scene shows Tag walking around town with his fly open and his dick hanging out. He goes into an empty warehouse and is confronted by the devils in his head. Soon, he is joined by two thugs, ANTONIO MONTES and RICK GONZALES, who beats him up and molest him by shoving their cocks in his mouth, slapping at him and spitting on him. Tag takes all this and more, gagging on the two monster Latino cocks, like the pig bottom that he is on his knees. Antonio and Rick take turns brutally fucking Tag's face with their uncut dicks, slipping his tongue inside their foreskins. Not content with this, Antonio and Rick strip Tag down and have their way with his white-boy ass, slapping it, sticking both their fingers in and rimming it till it's raw and ready. Laying Tag down on an empty drum, they assaulted him from both ends, fucking his ass and face real fast and furious. Rick and Antonio dump their load on their white boy-toy all over his face.

Scene #4 - Rear Factor TAG ADAMS plays a contestant in the Rear Factor TV reality show, where the winner is chosen based on his best butt fantasy. Tag talks about how he's a big ass man and loves to stopped by a cop one day and be stripped searched and poked by his billy club. Enters LEO BRAMM as a jail guard who frisks Tag at the precinct. In the back ground inside the cell, pig bottom STEVE PIERCE watches and strokes his Prince Albert cock as Leo commands Tag to strip. The naked Tag is thrown into the cell with Steve. Tag takes to his cot and horny Steve pulls out his bag of goodies and lubes up a dildo. He spreads his legs wide and sticks the rubber toy all the way up his hungry ass. Tag watches nervously and starts getting a hard-on, as he watches Steve sit on the big dildo. Steve then pulls out a large butt plug and sticks it where the sun doesn't shine. Tag moves over to Steve and his toy and offer's up his stiffy to Steve's hungry, wet mouth. He chews on the hairy-chested Tag's nipples before giving Tag his own metal clad cock. Tag gives up his sweet ass to Steve's tongue. Steve then goes back to playing with his butt hole and stuffs huge anal balls up his butt. Caught again by the cop, Leo, we see Tag getting a golden shower from Steve. Leo then empties his bladder on Steve and Tag and both eagerly received the warm cop's piss. Leo then gets out a double-headed dildo and inserts the toy in both of the men's asses as they pig bottom fuck each other. He then takes out a dildo billy club and assaulted Tag's ass with it. Steve gets in on the action and fucks Tag while he sucks on Leo's cock. Getting really turned on, the cop wants a piece of ass himself and fucks Steve's hungry butt doggy. Tag gets a shot at the Leo's throbbing cock and takes a seat and fucks Leo's erection on the cot. All the while, Steve busies himself by sitting on a monstrous BAM black dildo. Leo fucks Tag even harder by pile driving down deep into Tag willing ass. At last, Leo and Tag lie on the cot together and stroke to a climax while Steve pops his nut with the toy up his ass. Mission accomplished and Tag grabs the Rear Factor tag he earned.

Scene #5 - Tune Up TAG ADAMS is unhappy with new hire at the garage, Toby. He and MICHAEL BRANDON exchange tough talk, as Tag wants to remain the "main slut" of the garage. The action cuts to a four-way already taking action as Tag gags on Michael's 10-inch cock, choking the big man meat all the way down. ALEX LEON and OWEN HAWK takes turn assaulting Tag greedy mouth. Tag works his mouth wide between the three hard pricks and shaved man sacks. Hunky and hairy, ARPAD MIKLOS, the boss man, watches his workers in action through his office window. He strips and jerks his dick as he watches the four men getting it on. Tag eats Owens's ass as Michael and Alex pull a 69. Michael reaches up and finger fucks Tag's fuck hole, while Tag continue licking Owens's butt. Tag gets bent over a stack of tires and Owen is first to take a stab at his ass with his cock. Michael goes next and stuffs his 10-inchs of rock hard dick up Tag's butt and slams it home. The three rotate and take turns getting dick relief from Tag's butt hole. The three then spray their man caviar on the hungry bottom's hairy chest.
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