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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-01-09 |
GFL episode: \"Tea Time Stuffin!\"
I\'ve been to a couple of tea parties at Rich\'s house and they always end up the same way, his mouth and his ass stuffed by a giant cock! Honestly, I\'m not complaining. This particular time was the best. It went down so naturally. The chemistry between Rich and Dad was sizzling. To me, there\'s nothing better than when two grey foxes have chemistry. So many times older men want to only have sex with younger. Frankly, that bores me because the young guy is never really into it. I guess I just have a deep love for sexy seniors! So back to the action... It was so hot, I was hanging on every cock stroke! The best was when he chocked on the meat! With every breath he would take it deeper down his throat. Think I\'m exaggerating? Go and watch my trailer. You won\'t be disappointed!

GFL episode: \"Pop Dad Cherry\"
It\'s been my experience that a large percentage of gay but perhaps closeted septuagenarians did not participate in receiving anal sex! This is an interesting phenomenon that I wanted to explore further on video. Paul Dumen was a newly widowed man who was willing to participate in the study and also wanted to be deflowered for all to see! I knew that for this experience to go well we needed a large tool to properly blow his butt hole wide open. I called Lou who I knew was an expert cherry popper! Wow, Lou delivered a riveting performance! He slowly opened Paul\'s virgin ass with the finesse of a master. Allowing it to open naturally. Once open though, Paul got that thick eight inch man pole deep in his corn hole HARD and FAST!!! As if seventy years of no anal all caught up to him in one hot and horny afternoon. I felt that for the experience to be fulfilling for Paul, he had to try multiple angles to see which he enjoyed the best. Undoubtedly, doggy-style was the position that reached the most anal depth. All in all, the study was a success and I like to think that I contributed to a horny septuagenarian\'s long and healthy anal sex life! Please review my findings in the trailer for erotic visual confirmation. Pedri Pablo
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