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Kid Vicious vs Niku Samir (Motel Madness UK 5)

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionKid Vicious vs. Niku Samir  (Motel Madness UK 5)

Kid Vicious was making one of his frequent skinhead fight tours of the UK, glugging a Guinness at a skin pub, when cute Niku was pointed out to him as a "hot foreign lad into wrestling". Niku probably had little idea what he was getting himself into - over and above the obvious height and weight difference - as he stretches his tight lean physique. You can immediately spot the glint of desire in the heel's eyes. Vicious scans the boy's sinewy bod, clad in a tiny purple bikini, pierced nipple and smart boxing shoes. never a man of many words, Vicious wastes no time and lays into the kid's killer abs. "That's your weakness, boy; those pretty abs" Vicious snarls before grinding a knee into Niku's throat and trapping the prettyboy in his crotch. KV takes a seat on his face and initiates a barrage of bullet hits to the six-pack followed by a nasty ball claw, winning the "first" submission.
Niku moans in pain as KV wrenches his head and torso in an abdominal stretch, but the bulge in those very succulent purple trunks indicates cute 'Nik' may be enjoying this jobber abuse. After a second submission leaves Niku wilted on the floor, KV steps onto that battered midsection, grabs a hold of those balls, drags the boy over to the mirror to witness his glorious humiliation. While the young lad already seems spent and the Kid alternately toys with his abs and balls we know the deadly heel is only beginning his assault. "You got me turned on," Vicious smacks his lips, dropping the agonizing lightweight pretty boy to the floor. Clawholds, ball grabs, gut-bashing, backbreakers, ab stretches, trampling, head scissors, camel clutch, legsplit - and KV has only just begun!
The Kid fully understands the pain-equals-pleasure dichotomy so starts to integrate distorted passion into his disturbing abuse. Vicious uses Niku's face to massage his own jewels and huge bone until the boy is suddenly willing to do it of his own accord. Niku's head is bent back to the extreme and tucked under Vicious' armpit in preparation for KV's trademark 'rookie wrecker', exhibiting the boy's poetic flexibility and exposing a perfect surface for sharp forearms to the abs and chest. Vicious plants a liplock on Nik's luscious lips. The boy enjoys the make-out, but Vicious has more sinister plans, leading Niku onto the nearby bed so that the heel can pin his victim's hands behind the backboard. Nik's abs are beat until they're red, prompting Vicious to softly kiss and dry hump the bruised midsection until his own cock is hard and poking out the side of his tight trunks.
KV releases his prisoner to suck his master's flexed bicep. Niku is put through bow-and-arrows, flexibility-defying spladles, suffocating scissors and cocky smothering schoolboy and bully pins. Niku is forced to crawl between Vicious' wide-open legs and please the treasures within, while getting his pretty butt cheeks spanked. You'd might think this is the end, but you'd be wrong! The hot and horny heel has much more planned, including Boston Crabs, pec claws and a devastating upside-down bearhug positioned perfectly so Nik's face can be bounced on KV's cock.... Welcum to Hotel HEAT!
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