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This torrent includes the full collection of videos featuring Ryan from StraightHell.net. All videos are in wide screen WMV format.  The video resolution is 640x360.

*** The Victim ***

Name: Ryan
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Body type: Slim, smooth
Topped by: Adrian and Jake

Synopsis: Strip search! Posing as undercover cops, we drag Ryan in off the street and examine every inch of his fine young body, looking for 'drugs'.  When the search turns into blatant groping, Ryan can only helplessly struggle as we take advantage and begin a nasty series of torments that culminate in a cruel spitroast and a very red arse.

*** Scene 1 ***

Why is law enforcement so sexual? Uniforms, truncheons, handcuffs yes, plus the fact that 99% of offenders are both young, male and fit as fuck!

And what do they do to them? Strip them! Suspected of carrying drugs. STRIP! Arrive at the police station. STRIP! On remand. STRIP! Sent down. STRIP! The whole thing is run by and for homosexuals like me. And Jake and I want a piece.

Our disguises and cover stories today are based on real undercover drug busts I've witnessed. We seek out young lads, who look like they could be the sort to do a naughty. We figure they'll immediately feel guilty, and won't question our authority. Young straight wankers ripe for exploiting and violating.

*** Scene 2 ***

It's not long before power goes to your head. I had a hardon in seconds, ordering this teenage lad about. It gave me a massive rush to force him to take his shirt off, and have him obey me just based on who he thought I was.

The tell-tale stench from his young armpits is absolutely delicious, and watch as I happily thrust my hands down the back pockets of his jeans, having a lovely grope of his bottom in the process. And cops get to do this all day, every day! Dirty fuckers.

I wonder at what point it occurred to him that we might not be actual policemen. I bet even as I was fondling his gigantic young nuts he was still thinking that we were genuine. Maybe cops should think about their reputation if that's the case.

*** Scene 3 ***

Handcuffed naked, balls attached to winch, metal leg spreader, flogged, finger fucked, anus & g-spot electrocuted...and nipples tortured.

I always knew today's teenagers were foul mouthed but Ryan takes the biscuit. His lacking in morals is shown up even more when I punish him with a nasty flogging...his language gets even bluer. The little fool doesn't realize that the more he swears and hollers at me, the more sadistic I become.

This little straight shit needs to learn who's in charge, so I ram a 7 inch cold electrified chrome-plated bolt up his arse, and see if a little electro torture to his male g-spot will show him the error of his ways.

Do you know what? I think it does. He becomes far more placid after having his anus tortured. You might almost start feeling sympathy for him, as my motor-driven winch pulls his cock and balls into the air...

*** Scene 4***

Wrists tied suspended from above behind his back, metal leg spreader, rope gag & leather 'Y' shaped head harness also tied back, beaten, electro-torture anal probe, cock and ball weight water torture, and Jake firing plastic bullets at his arse!

So how nasty could you be to a 19 year old boy who, in reality, hasn't done anything wrong? This is the test of a true sadist.

If you get off on systematically bullying and tormenting fit naked lads, then this is the session for you. Ryan's pitiful cries, which might pull a weaker man's heartstrings, just make my dick all the harder. And as I watch this, it's rock hard.

*** Scene 5 ***

Strapped naked to the spanking bench and given a Singapore style thrashing.

This spanking bench is one of my favorite purchases. Look at the way, when a naked boy is strapped to it, their thighs are spread beautifully and his full buttocks are presented up for you, to easily spread, play with and ultimately beat, until they are a bright red and giving off the heat of a 3 bar electric fire.

Imagine while watching this just how vicious that strap must be to bring up vivid red welts after just one stroke. I particularly like the way it makes a splendid pattern, in exactly the same shape as the end of it, until I go at him with the flogger, which seems to smudge it all as every square inch of his arse is set on fire.

Consider how terrified he must be, as he soon begins to flinch at every touch, whether it's a gentle teasing or a scalding hot thrashing. And then watch the tears flow.

*** Scene 6 ***

Anal virginity forcibly removed. Violated, flogged, forced cock worship and sucking, hung upside down.

Before you start crying with sympathy for poor Ryan here, spare a thought for me. Have you any idea how fucking tight a straight 19 year old's virgin arsehole is? Try shoving your rock hard dick up it. I swear this lad could make diamonds up there.

Now you'll know why I take my red todger out of him and immediately run around to the boy's face for a nice wet blow job from the lad to cool it down. His plaintive cries fall on deaf ears and I follow this up with a hot thrashing to his already red arse before hanging him out to dry.

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