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Horse D1 DVD9

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DescriptionHorse: Fallen Angel 5
Starring: Ivan Andros, Jason Diaz, Spencer Quest, Joey Dino, Matthieu Costa, Ben Jakks, Matt Majors, Joey Russo, Sebastian Tauza, Nate Pierce, Frederick Ford, Ken Mifune, Tim Rusty, Troy Punk, Marcos David, Ben Taylor, Pete Ross, Hunt Parker, Joshua Adams, Lars Decker, Ethan Anders
Joey and Lars are the horsepower for the wagon that delivers new slave Joshua to a cave where they submit to the demands of Spencer, devouring his cock and each other's. Quest guides Decker's cock as the slave unleashes waves of piss over Russo. Unwatched, Troy Punk and Jason Diaz have abandoned the grinding wheel to break in the new slave. As Decker covers him with a torrent of piss, he worships the blazing cocks of both Russo and Quest. Decker takes over Adam's aching ass, punishing it with his weighty cock, while Quest fucks Russo, getting strands of pre-cum to drool from Russo's cock.
Joey Dino’s one of the huskiest dudes in porn, with a dick to match and a pelt of fine fur slathered over his broad pecs and thick torso. The Joey’s getting ready to brand his new slaves as Sebastian Tauza and Pete Ross are reeled in, hanging suspended from ox yokes. Ross may be young, but he’s a terror, working Frederick Ford’s stiff cock and submitting to a fierce fucking. Dino’s got a massive dildo that explores Tauza’s deep cavern. But too much is not enough for this dildo slut, and Dino crams his cock into Tauza’s overstretched asshole.
Ken Mifune is strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross. A bishop’s mask blinds his eyes and a gag fills his mouth, but it doesn’t stifle his whimpering, as Matt Majors cruelly works the slave’s nipples before getting him to slather up his cock for a “Major’s” fucking.
Heavy set Costa is tethered like the work horse he is, a bit in his mouth. In a perfectly matched pairing of two big and meaty men, Ben Jakks throws the husky Costa into a sling, pisses all over him, and pulverizes his ass. Matt Majors gets his licks in too, shoving his battering ram up Costa’s sloppy hole.
Gobs of spit drip off his chin as Marcos David slobbers and gags on Ben Taylor’s gigantic cock, and Matt Majors stretches the bottom’s pale pink asshole extra wide with his own monstrous cock. When David takes over the ass assault, Majors blows his load on Taylor’s chest, prompting hot jizz to fly from the other cocks as well.
Nate Pierce releases pony boy Tim Rusty from captivity in a horse’s stall. Shackling Rusty’s hands to a hanging suspension bar and subjecting the fearful, sandy-haired boy to an unmerciful flogging. Pierce punishes his buttocks before giving his sensitive pecs special attention. When the tenderized nips are aching and raw, Pierce kneads them with stern fingers. On releasing Rusty, Pierce pisses on him, kisses him passionately -- and leads him back to the horse stall he came from. Sweat pours off Joey Dino as he slams his barrel cock into slaves Ford and Ross, who lay side by side. Dino’s fat meat pushes the cum outta the men’s steely rods, and he grabs his own massive fistful of meat to choke up an agonized load.
With Tim Rusty bound on horseback and Ivan Andros on foot, Nate Pierce leads the men to a clearing in the woods where they meet god-like Hunt Parker who prepares Rusty for the ultimate initiation. Parker injects Rusty’s ass with lube, and in a dramatic nighttime ritual lit by a crackling fire, explores its pale, resistant beauties with a deeply inserted rubber-gloved fist. When the pristine cheeks are fully spread, he fucks Rusty’s hole until his load flies onto the bottom’s pearly torso. The tests are over, and so the final rite begins. A bit is clamped into Rusty’s mouth to stifle his screams as the blazing brand comes out of the fire and meets his buttocks with a searing hiss. The act of scarification pushes Pierce over the top, and his hot cum splashes onto the fresh, steaming scar on Rusty’s ass.
When Majors and Costa both drop their heavy loads on the cum covered bottom, Costa hoses the guy down with sprays of hot piss. This is service above and beyond the call of duty. Costa's clearly going right to the ranks of the rulers.
The extended finale of HORSE takes us back to the orgy in the cave that’s been waging since the first scene. pushing pigboy Joshua Adams’ mouth off of Lar’s Decker’s slickly shaved crotch and heavy hanging cock, Spencer Quest clamps his own hungry lips on the slick meat, sucking the bloated bazooka like a vacuum. Then Quest sends Adams’ abuse into overdrive by jamming a wrist-thick chrome butt plug up his ass, letting its long, protruding handle twitch as the tightly clamped hole gulps at it for more.
Joey Russo’s cock also twitches and throbs magnificently until Quest releases him — and then relinquishes all hints of masterdom by sitting on Russo’s steely pipe for a wild ride that makes his own blisteringly hard cock spew cum onto his belly. Russo keeps fucking Quest’s granite ass like a demon, erupting his own masterful load onto the jizz coated -- and now fully subjugated -- master.
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