Edward Fox plows James Carter

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DescriptionA very exciting scene here.. Rarely are str8 lads open enough to admit they are into arse play, but cute young fittie James Carter is pretty exceptional. Not only does he love having his arse played with, but he can take plenty. In his solo he took a big dildo, and now he has been persuaded to try taking a dildo and then a cock. A BIG cock. Yes, in this super hot video, youll see a genuinely straight lad take the seriously massive uncut 9 incher of fit skinhead, Ed Fox. To start with, Ed rubs oil into James body. James is a well built lad, and very cute, with piercing pale blue eyes. Ed rubs oil into James chest, and then moves down to his legs, pulling down his sports shorts. James wears a jock strap, and he has the most spectacular arse, a bit smooth peachy bubble butt which sticks right out. Ed clearly loves it, and takes his time, rubbing plenty of oil into Joshs arse cheeks. James gets onto all fours on the sofa, and Ed pulls his meaty butt cheeks apart, and starts to lick his hole. This is the first time James has ever had his arse licked. Ed gets it very wet with plenty of spit, pushing his tongue right up inside. After a long rimming session, James stands up, his dick so solid it throbs and strains against his jock, so Ed pulls down the jock, and starts to suck James. Ed is a talented sucker, and seems keen to demonstrate that us lads do it best, and swallows the entire length of James thick uncut 7.5 incher. Ed sucks him for a while, and his cock visibly throbs as Ed deep throats him over and over. Ed then pushes his finger into James arse, and fingers him as he sucks him. Then James fucks Eds face, which is very horny. Ed pulls out his monster dick from his shorts, which is rock hard, and jerks himself off as he gets his mouth fucked. Ed stands, and the two lads play with each others dicks, before James gets down onto his knees. He agreed to try a little bit of sucking. He sticks his tongue out, and jerks off the massive meat onto the end of his tongue, getting it wet, then does a bit of sucking. He is not able to suck very deep, but full marks for effort, as he does try to suck it properly. They move onto the sofa, James lays back, and Ed jerks him off, licks his arse, and sucks him a bit, before reaching for a big dildo. He lubes it up, and pushes it into James tight str8 arse. He fucks him with it, slowly at first and takes his cock in his mouth to suck him as he fucks him with the dildo. He starts to speed up with the dildo, then fucks him hard and fast with it. James jerks himself off, his cock rock solid. James gets onto all fours on the sofa, and Ed slowly pushes his big cock into Joshs arse. He goes in slow, but James seems to have no trouble taking the entire thick nine inches, and begins to push back, grinding his muscular butt against Ed. So Ed starts to fuck harder, pulling his butt cheeks apart, and ramming his cock in hard. Ed then climbs up on top of James, kind of in a press ups position, to get a more intense penetration, thrusting downwards, pumping his dick in hard. Ed then shifts the position, by moving onto his side, and holding James leg up, so they are kind of in a spoons type position, and again, he thrust hard, with long strokes, almost pulling all the way out, to show as much length as possible. The fucking is really incredible. Next, James is on his back. Ed rubs his throbbing cock against James hungry hole, then pushes it in, and starts to plough him hard and fast, again with long strokes, lots of length. James has never been less than rock solid the entire time, and could clearly cum at any time, so I told him to take as much as he could, but then to just go for it, so after some serious pounding, James starts to wank hard, and then quickly shoots some hard jets of spunk over his hot sweaty abs. Ed pulls out, whips off the condom, jerking off his monstercock, and shoots thick creamy streams of spunk, landing in pools at the base of his dick, and dripping down over his hands and fingers. They lay back, exhausted, sweaty and cum drenched. Josh definately seemed to love his first taste of cock.
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