♺ Japanboyz - Fuji's 5 Star Farewell

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Original upload: 2021-01-09 14:50:29 |
Great-looking, iconic, versatile and horny, Fuji has risen to the ranks of Japanboyz most requested model. And he's just as popular with his peers as with the viewing public. Now that he's announced he's leaving the adult entertainment industry, we have gathered up a compilation of his 5-star rated performances for a fitting sendoff. Goodbye and good luck, Fuji, and don't doubt for a minute that you'll be missed!

In a 4-way split screen intro we get to see Fuji solo, with Sano, Yusaku and Takumi. In his solo he's sliding a slick little masturbation sleeve over the length of his ever-ready and trusty cock. In the three action scenes we can see the remarkable connection Fuji makes with his scene partners. It's porn, but it sure looks like fun and not work when Fuji's doing it. Fuji's ass gets the full Sano treatment as he climbs on and rides his buddy's big cock. Yusaku slides forward and wraps his legs around Fuji's waist to invite him in. In the lower corner Fuji is licking the booty of hot young Takumi. Once three frames of the "quad" shot are all populated with Fuji topping and bottoming with some of Japanboyz best, it's an orgy of fine young Asian studs connecting with a uniquely hot and watchable porn stud. One that's kept us up and satisfied for the last several years. At the end we revel in cum shot after cum shot, including that juicy, cum-dripping Fuji solo that represents the final scene he shot for us at Japanboyz.

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