♺ Dagenham Dave Volume 2 (2001)

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Dagenham Dave Volume 2 - RARE Softocore British Porn

Okay, so many years ago in the mid 90's I found three tapes in this series. Starring performer Paul Vagg, who portrays "Dave," this series of movies is technically softcore (but just about the most hardcore softcore I've ever seen.)

It centers around Dave, a roughneck blue collar cockney speaking Brit who goes around cruising and fucking twinks in the U.K. What makes it unique is that it's filmed in an almost first-person style, through the eyes of Dave's friend who seems to be there every time. Dave talks directly to the camera (AKA his friend) and it gives the whole thing a really kinky intimate feeling.

The other thing is this: the movie was clearly filmed as XXX hardcore. Unlike lots of softcore where you can tell they are just simulating the sex, these guys are definitely fucking and sucking. Back in the day in the UK they had laws that prevented actual gay penetration from being in any porn, so they would film full on hardcore movies but angle the camera so you didn't see actual sucking or fucking.

But there's tons of mutual jacking off, sucking dick through underwear, ball licking, ass licking... and every now and then they don't cut the camera away quite fast enough so you see a cock sliding into a wet mouth, etc...

These videos were never released on DVD or digitally. The company that made them no longer offers even the VHS copies. Even in the link I provided here, to TLA video, you can't actually buy the VHS tapes. I have searched for years to find copies, and I FINALLY found volume two. I've ripped it from VHS to digital for your viewing pleasure.

Bonus trivia: Paul Vagg has only appeared in one other video, in a stripper clip from one of the Chris Geary websites. In it he strips, then goes backstage and jacks off until he shoots a load. I've actually found Paul on Facebook, and friended him, but he doesn't seem to really use the site much!

I went through a LOT OF TROUBLE. I would be most grateful for your generous bonus points. <3
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