Evan Rivers - Weight and See with Abraham

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19 minutes

Yea, about that procrastination thing… heh =). Well I’m back with a preview of one of my updates: “Weight and See”. I know, very punny. Anyone that knows me knows I hate to work out. That doesn’t mean I can’t find a reason to go to the gym. Actually there are plenty of reasons to go and Abraham is one of them. He has the body of a god and he’s so cut it’s like he’s chiseled out of granite. I had my eye on this guy out for a while before I approached him. It got to the point where I fantasized about him a couple times so finally I just said what the hell and went up to talk to him. I was a little surprised at how friendly he was considering a lot of the gym rats are total assholes. I hung out with him for a few and when he let me rub him down with body oil, I knew it was going to end well. I talked Abraham into coming came back to my place and I was pretty much in awe of his body. I mean, I figured he would have a nice ass but damn! I gave him head for a few minutes then Abraham got on top and rode my ass. There’s nothing better than finally having sex with a guy you’ve fantasized about for a while. Especially when it ends up being hotter than you ever imagined. Enjoy the free clips. The uncensored full length video is about 19 min long and you can view the trailer for it at my site. Check back soon for a preview of my Pool Party episode. It’s another good one. Cheers! -Evan
2010-07-23 11:51:09
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