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♺ BearFilms Scenes Featuring Cum Eating Part 2

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-04-11 |
Part two and unfortunately, the last of my BearFilms collection. More scenes where hot bears and cubs take loads in their mouth and swallow delicious man juice. Most files are in WMV format. Scene names are in the pictures and correspond to file names. Hope you've enjoyed my uploads and happy bear wanking! :o)

Kyle Miller and Matt Taggert [Bears of Venice]
VeniceCub's next door neighbor Kyle told him about the hot military stud he met on the beach last week. After a couple beers, Kyle invited the Marine dudeback to hang out in his hot tub. You can guess what happened next: Kyle and Marine Matt Taggert get wet and wild as they suck, rim, fuck, and shoot their sweaty loads all over each other. Semper Fi!

VeniceCub & Scott Jordan [Bears of Venice]
VeniceCub just got his new sling delivered and is rarin' to try it out. Who better to give it a shot than horny bear pal, Scott Jordan VeniceCub calls up his nasty buddy, and before you know it, the chains and the sling are rockin' hard! VeniceCub pounds Scott's juicy ass deep and rough, ending in a gushing cumfest for both of these hot bears...just the way Scott likes it!

Dirk, Daddy Ric, and Woody
Ever wanted to secretly watch two hairy bears fuck? Well Captain Woody just can't keep his pants on when he stumbles into the cabin of Dirk Grizzly and Daddy Ric in these photos from Bear Voyage 2: Rock the Boat!

Bear Voyage 2 Orgy
Stick seven naked cock-hungry men in a cruise ship cabin and watch them make waves!

Venicecub and Michael McQuaig
A week at sea really got Venicecub and Michael McQuaig wet...or maybe it was all that spit and cum. Check out these two heavy hitters in a boiling scene from the new Bear Voyage 2: Rock the Boat!

Cabin Cruisin' [Bear Voyage]
They say redheads should stay out of the sun or they'll get into trouble... which is exactly what happens to big-dicked Scott Irish as he suns himself all over on his shipboard deck. Trouble arrives in the form of husky Clint Taylor who invites himself onto the private deck and then inside where these play pigs get dirty. Scott can't keep his drooling mouth off of Clint's firm cock, unless he's busy burying his tongue deep in Clint's hairy hole. But the tables are soon turned as Clint probes Scott's ravenous manhole with his tool and is soon pounding the Irish boy until he loses his thick load in his bottom's bearish beard!

Orgy at Sea [Bear Voyage]
Ahhhh...6 naked men, 7 warm and sultry nights, 3 video cameras...you can bet things got hot and sticky on the Bear Voyage! Check out Clint, Bourne, Scott, VeniceCub, BearClone, and John as they make some serious waves in these amazing vidcaps...

Bo, Steve, Mike, and KC [Bears Will Be Bears]
In this scene from Bears Will Be Bears, KC, Mike, Bo, and Steve leave nothing undone: sucking, licking, rimming, fingering, fucking...it's all here! The foursome pair off and get down to action, shaking the room with their moaning. With some scenes, you need a few tissues afterward, but with this one, you'll need a whole box!

Ace Malone and Bo Tucker [Bears Will Be Bears]
Cute cub Ace Malone was out late one night wandering the halls of his hotel, looking for trouble. It didn't take long for him to find it with big, bad, bear Bo Tucker! We're sure the neighbors didn't get any sleep that night either...

Bo Tucker and Cubrage [Bears Will Be Bears]
The always-woofy Bo Tucker and Cubrage go at it hot and heavy in this scene from an upcoming movie. Check it- and them- out!

Dakotah Porter and Duncan Tyler [Bears Will Be Bears]
We spotted these woofy boys cooling off in the pool one afternoon and had to bust out the camera. One thing led to another... well, you get the idea!

Harry Wolfe and KC Shore [Bears Will Be Bears]
The view from Harry and KC's room is gorgeous, and so are these two beefy hunks. After admiring the sparkling waters, they turn to admiring each other's bodies. KC gives Harry one amazing blowjob, then sits back and lets Harry finger him before plunging his hard prick deep inside KC's tight ass. You'll love the amazing cum scene at the end, especially when Harry makes KC lick his own juices off of Harry's fingers!

Wylie Edwards and HunkyCub
Watch these two stud bears get it on and steam up your screen!

Wylie, GlennBear, and Cody
At Southern Decadence, our B & B had everything we could ask for: comfy beds... great food... southern hospitality... and, oh yeah, I almost forgot... WOOFY bears fucking in our hot tub!

Jeremy Matthews and Danny Gonzalez, Jr.
We head back down the road to Orlando where we catch up with Danny Gonzalez, Jr.- in his BearFilms debut- getting more than friendly with fan favorite Jeremy Matthews. From the minute these guys swap spit you can tell they're going to have a good time. It's not long before the clothes go flying and they get down to business. After some serious ass pounding, Jeremy seals the deal with a thrilling facial all over Danny.

Folsom Foursome
We found this cute, furry cub sniffing around our tent at the Folsom Street Fair and Rocky, Jeff, and Greg thought he might be fun to pass around, so we took him back to the hotel with us! Well, our stud proved that he could take it good and hard, over and over again!

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