Sextrap (2000) Studio 2000 International DVD

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DVD (folder) and mp4

director John Travis

Daniel Koukal
Filip Kral
Josef Sladek
Lukas Kratky
Marek Gloss
Milos Jirik
Ondrej Mika
Petr Kovarik
Robert Stadler
Tomas Kubecka
Zdenek Kyselka

Studio 2000 knows that men follow their cocks everywhere. And cocks and cars go hand in hand in Sextrap, the sleek new Euro-boy sexcapade starring sizzling, versatile, gorgeous brunet Daniel Koukal, and beautiful blond bottom-babe Josef Sladek -- both of them Studio 2000 International's newest exclusives. Add to these two nine of the cutest Czech cocksters to come down their pikes in a helluva long time and the Sextrap is set. Following on the heels of the super successful Payload, Studio 2000 International has searched the cracks and crevices of Eastern Europe for the hottest, horniest, hungest hunks we could find. Petr Kovarik, Milos Jirik, Ondrej Mika, Tomas Kubecka, Zdenek Kyselka, Marek Gloss, Robert Stadler, Lukas Kratky and Filip Kral prove again the foreskinned Czech-meat is the tastiest in the known world. When these hotties get to chewing on skin, "nobodys gonna hold'em back -- or hold'em down~'.

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