‚ôļ Live by the sword (All Worlds) 2003

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-09-27 |
Cast:  Jake Cannon, Cade Devlin, Jake, Danny, Beer Can Steve, Cody Davidson, Walt Waters, Austin Brooks, Sledge Sawyer

Director:  Dirk Yates

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2003

Studio :  All Worlds Video


"Dirk Yates has his jarheads getting down and dirty in this military fuck fest. And as an extra bonus, it features the return of hungry, blond bottom Jake Cannon.

It starts with fully-dressed Marines Austin Brooks and Sledge Sawyer. As Austin goes into his fantasy, he pictures his commanding officer naked with a big hard on. The two men caress and stroke their erect stiffies, then grab each other’s man joints and jerk off until the commanding office barks a command and the young jarhead snaps out it.

In the barracks lockers, Cade Devlin is pissed off and he talks to about it. Cade’s two buddies, Danny and Steve (who sports a beer can dick) talk him into cooling off by taking a shower. Cade takes a seat on the bench and the two studs present to him their big cocks. Cade works both cocks with his wet, hungry mouth.

As he sucks them off, the two men swap spit by kissing deeply. Cade gets his wanger sucked on by Danny while Danny chows down on Steve’s monster cock. Danny then face dives into Cade’s smooth butt and eats it out so he can get it ready to stick his fatty in. While Cade gets it up the butt he also gets it in the face with Steve’s monster. Danny gets opened up wide when Steve pounds his love pucker with his fat, man stick while he sucks off Cade. Finishing things off, Cade fucks Steve while Danny swallows Steve’s meat.

Night comes and it’s time to bunk down. Sledge lies in his skivvies with his cock hanging out of his boxers. Soon the very horny Jake Cannon comes in and spots the cock and begins stroking the sleeping Marine. He slowly puts the pecker in his mouth and sucks off his buddy. As the sleeping beauty turns over on his stomach, his lucky buddy tongues his sweet asshole. Sledge shoots a load with the hot tongue job, only to get hard again with Jake sitting on the cock and milks his manpole while he strokes himself to a climax.

Two other jarheads, Austin Brooks and Cody Davidson, are hanging out by the beach. They walk back to their hotel room and kick back. Austin bitches about how the drill instructor is a bad-ass regarding the drills of the sword. Cody offers up some stress relief and goes down on Austin’s stiff rod. Austin sports a big piece of meat and Cody goes to town on it. The two friends kiss and Austin goes to work on Cody’s throbber. Austin bends over the chair and Austin dives into his smooth butt cheeks. The two move onto the bed and Austin slides his dick in Austin’s love hole. The two lovers then shoot their appreciation for each other.

The final sex romp takes place in the military office where Walt Waters is with Petty Officer Jake. The two are meeting with Sgt. Sledge. Sledge has been giving the squids grief. They remove his sword - the one in his pants, that is. Jake is commanded to suck off Sledge’s hefty hog. Walt undresses as he barks out his sexual orders and takes matters into his own hand and strokes himself. Jake sucks on both men’s hard-ons. Walt gets Sledge on the desk and works his cock and asshole with a wet tongue. Sledge mounts Jake’s ass and pounds him over Walt. All three climax in ecstasy.

Live By the Sword is sexy, no bullshit man sex... it's director Dirk Yates at his very best."

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