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ChaosMen - Armani - Solo

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We had a few false starts with Armani. First time he came out, he was a little under the weather. He was determined to do the solo, but bless his heart, he just wasn't in shape to perform.

So a couple weeks later I got him scheduled back, and this time he was on his game, ready to go! Perhaps a little TOO ready to go, as he waited 5 days before cumming, wanting a really huge load, as well as being extra horny. If you watch the ending of this video, you will see an Out Take as to what happens when you do that!

He sure is a handsome guy. Great body, amazing body hair, teeth, great cock, nice ass, just a really awesome all-around package. And his personality is top notch as well. Friendly, easy to talk to, and really enjoys smiling.

Despite his polished looks, he plays for the straight team, and seems to go for Latina girls with big asses. He has a new girlfriend that is about a decade older than him, and it sounds like it could get serious.

If you do watch the end of this video, then you know why I had to resort to jarring cuts as well as letting him have some audio. I try not to resort to this trick very often, as the guys have got to learn to not to have the sound of girls getting banged while they perform, but it did the trick and made his cock so hard he snaps it against his belly.

We didn't get to his oral video, so that we shall save for another trip!
2020-09-14 21:22:09
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