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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-06-06 |

The Good Fuck Etiquette
Shane Leblanc & Jeremy Roddick

This month I've decided to play a little bit more with my camera and make a movie with a fun intro. I know comedy isn't always the best combination with porn, and it could get campy easily. So I have decided to take the risk and make an intro with an original twist. With the help of my friend, the Porn Fairy, I've decided to put together a segment of "do's" and "don't" when you pick up a guy in bar and you want to end the night by having sex with him.

As for the scene, what I needed was a really good looking guy. So I've asked to my friend Shane Leblanc, who is a star-to-be in the porn industry, to help me. I knew he was an insatiable bottom, easy to work with, and he totally deserves a big career in this naughty business. So I'm happy to present his first action scene online. You will see him everywhere soon enough ! He has gorgeous blue eyes, deeply carved abs and a f%&cking nice ass!

Morning Light Fuck
JP Jackson & Shane Leblanc

I've reunited this month 2 pros, 2 really good performers: Shane Leblanc and JP Jackson. They did a scene seperately with me few months ago. And it's not their first experience together in front of a camera and it shows. They have a really great chemistry.

Shane Leblanc has a sexual energy of his own and JP Jackson the passion of a strong top.

Play Me
Jeremy Roddick & Cliff Beltane

When I got the confirmation Cliff was ready to do his first anal scene ever, I was absolutely thrilled and decided to take part in it. I've been eyeing him for a while, and I just knew he would be perfect. He's certainly not new to porn, but since his debut, Cliff has always been the hung top.

After a little practice with some friends, he decided to show the world how versatile he can be. His straight attitude, tall and firm body, and his massive dick are real turn ons! I kinda have the straight-boy-gets-fuck fantasy, you know...

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