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DescriptionSexpack 1
Four Tight Tales [2000]
Remember those old Buckshot videopacs? The ones that took several old film loops from the late seventies and put them into one video? The ones with butch stars like Bruno and Rod Mitchell? "SexPack One: Four Tight Tales" seems to be a tribute to those great old flicks, both in its division into four vignettes (we've defined that word for you before -- if you don't remember, look it up) and in its focus on lusty, all-out sex between macho, naturally hairy men. Considering the directors, you could hardly expect a twink production. The allusions to the old videopacs even extend to having each segment begin with an inter-title listing the title, cast and credits.
If you like this kind of muscular, hairy man, then you'll enjoy "SexPack One: Four Tight Tales" as much as your Emperor did. What's even more remarkable is that this is the first effort from Raging Stallion. Much of the credit for its success goes to videographers Lester Moore and Leif Gobo. The photography is excellent. Most shots encompass the entire bodies of both men, and there's a minimum of long, boring close-ups. It's a real pleasure to be able to see the faces and big muscles of the performers while they're in action. And the action is down and dirty. It doesn't have that staged feel to it that some productions do, and all the performers are enthusiastic and hunky. Except for scene No. 2, there's no music, and the natural slurping and moaning adds a lot to the realism of each scene. And there were a lot more than just four "tight tales" here. Nine to be exact.

Sexpack 2
A Kinky Twist [2000]
This freaky foursome from Raging Stallion Studios assembles some of the hottest slabs of meat in porn for some carnal antics.
Sexpack Two" has been designed for the kink enthusiast in mind, but contains enough mainstream action to satisfy the porn layman.

Sexpack 3
Lewd Developments [2000]
Those hard working men at Raging Stallion have come up with another winner in their Sexpack series. The latest offering from Ward and Slater features eight hot men in four sizzling scenes. Yes, that would mean two men per scene but the math never works out that way in gay porn. Though less polished and more organic than videos from bigger companies, this video is far superior to its same-size company counter parts. The best reason for that is the production team of Ward and Slater. Aside from knowing the biz inside and out, they have a hand in all aspects of making the video. The other reason would be the seasoned cast they have assembled. This is not a handful of unknown European twinks. This is a cast of hot, masculine men who know how to have hot sex, and it shows! Like its Sexpack predecessors, this video is light on plot but has a theme, a behind-the-scenes look at making porn, that ties the scenes together.
This is a video filled with no-frills hot man-to-man sex. You can tell that everyone involved loves what they are doing. The actors might not be beautiful, but they are all masculine, mostly hairy and made to fuck or be fucked. The production values are good, with some excellent camera shots in most scenes. There are only one or two times the camera wanders away or does a close-up where you can't tell who's fucking who. Pierce has one of the most interesting bods in the biz and fucks for days, while hairy Vacarro is not only good looking but such a hot fuck that he could tempt any top man into giving it a try. That killer cock of his isn't shabby either! If you like your men masculine and real and your sex hot and sweaty, give this Sexpack a try.

Sexpack 4
Porn Noir [2001]
Raging Stallion's "SexPack" series is synonymous with virile men and erotic scenarios, this, the fourth in the series has an eager and horny half-dozen men.
This particular video is well-made and videographed by Kent Taylor. The camera is crazy over close-ups of balls banging on asses mid-penetration. "SexPack Four: Porn Noir" is a bit lengthier than the others and shorter on action, but the sweaty sex makes it worth your time.

Sexpack 5
Dirty Deeds [2001]
Like the previous movies, Sexpack Five is set up in a series of LONG scenes, each with it's own title. Previous Sexpack movies have featured four complete scenes, and while there are four here, scene three seems to be plays more like filler and is probably one of my few bitches with this video.
And the Stallion rages on! Ward and Slater have found a pretty viable franchise with their Sexpack series. This is probably the first time in a long time that I've gotten to part five of a series and not found it to be losing steam. Part of it is Slater and Ward's fresh selection of the juiciest cuts of prime meats and cheeses.
Raging Stallion Studios now boasts 14 "exclusives." With the exception of Joe Stack, all the meat in Dirty Deeds belongs to a Raging Stallion man, including a current Zeus Man of the Year (Pierce) and a former Zeus Boy (Black).

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