WorkingMenMovies - Alex, Dewey, NewYork, Nightmare, Tiger, Ray and Donald

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DescriptionAlex - 16:05 - Nice guy. It took him 4 hours to find my place from 45 minutes away, so when he finally got here he was in a panic. He is 23 y/o, 6' 2", and 330#. He's in construction and is an avid body builder. He's within a few weeks of leaving for Las Vegas to see what opportunities that city might hold for him. I wish him well.

Dewey - 26:10 - Nice fellow who has lived a rough life, and still struggles with his lifestyle. Many years in prison, he seems to have no direction. He learned cabinet making from his father, but has left that skill behind him. He is 37 y/o, 6' 0", and 180#, and says "you are who you are - live life". You can contact him if you like at:

"New York" - 26:05 - So called because of his state of origin, this pleasant fellow has been in Atlanta on and off for years, and is trying to get over a nasty break-up with his fiance. He is 38 y/o, 5' 11", and 160# and makes his living in construction - he says he can do just about anything. He is working now to get to Florida to see his children (he's the father of 3). Very nice guy!

NytemAre (Nightmare) - 30:45 - A most unfitting name, as this pleasant young man is a joy to be around. Originally from Canada, he was raised in New York, and came to Atlanta in March of 2014 to pursue a career as an underground Hip Hop artist. He's 29 y/o, 5' 7", and 165#, and is straight. If you are interested in him as an artist you can contact him at

Ray and Donald - 52:45 - This is an example of a buddies session that drives me crazy. Ray and Donald are running mates, they are very comfortable with each other as friends and lovers. So this session should have been great. Its not. Ray got too drunk and giddy, there was too much "play" and not enough serious intimacy - it was just a disappointment to me. Anyway, Ray, a very popular model with my customers, is fresh out of prison/rehab and I guess needs to play. Donald is a local regular - very nice guy. They seem to care about each other very much. For what its worth, here it is.

Tigger - 28:25 - nice young man with a tumultuous past who is trying to get his life back together and move forward. Born and raised in the same community here in Atlanta that my husband Danny grew up in, he's in school now studying to be a chef. He's 34 y/o, 6' 0", and 180# and says he is very artistic and athletic, loves to draw, loves to work out, loves football, and is open to many things. I wish him great success!

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