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Direct from the country is new patient, 28 year old Troy. An all-around scholastic athlete, Troy participated in baseball, football, track, weightlifting and a bit of boxing (both amateur and bar brawling). This 28 year old, stands 5?11" tall and weighs in at 180 pounds distributed through a broad chest and a trim 31" waist. It was his years as a misguided teen that landed him as a guest of a state penal institution; which coincided with the start of the collection of the numerous tattoos that adorn his body.

Troy has definitely turned his life around and he is at the office today for his annual examination (in preparation for his employer sponsored baseball team) sports physical requirement. I direct Troy to strip down to his boxers to begin the examination. Almost every available inch of skin is covered from his collarbone to his naval but they are all well crafted examples of art on a fine piece of tapestry. Troy is a cigarette smoker and his blood pressure reading was EXTREMELY high, so much so that it definitely bears checking again in the near future. Troy is a very confident, self assured and polite, soft spoken young man. I think that realizing the errant paths of his youth have transformed the adult before me; as he is almost jovial and very eager to please.

My initial examination yielded nothing abnormal and upon the removal of his boxers, I was able to measure and inspect his flaccid 5 inch penis. It was during his standing genital examination that I instructed Troy in the method of performing a monthly self-check. I demonstrated the proper way of checking each testis. Troy mention that he does suffer from occasional back pain due to the amount of heavy lifting required at his workplace. I parted his buttocks, revealing the most dense collection of hair on his body which surrounding his anus. It was necessary to part the hairs to allow the thermometer access.

A prostate examination followed next and while he did not enjoy the experience, he was at least willing to endure what was required of him. It was the same experience for the urethral swab but he was much more relieved when that part of the exam was over. All that remained was a final task, at hand so to speak, as I informed Troy that a semen specimen would be required of him. Providing lubrication, a collection dish and armed with the knowledge that I would have to measure him fully aroused, I told Troy to begin to masturbate. This is a task that he performs as part of his daily ritual and in no time, I was able to return to measure him at a thick 7 1/2" in length. A future moments later, the rustle of the exam table paper and a large sigh of relief told me that Troy had produced the required specimen.
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