♺ Citiboyz 61 and 62 Eric Austyn s My Summer Vacation Parts 1 and 2 [Citiboyz Video-Paladin]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-14 |
I have wanted the first of these two videos for quite some time.
Skinny guys? White belts? Tailor made for Movieboy, LOL!

I even sat on one scene and a trailer nearly a year and it was never posted.

BTW. The trailers for both movies released by the studio are actually the opening credits for both
movies which would have given this torrent unnecessary weight, so I did not include them in the download.

If however you would like to view them both, you can streamed from my own site here:

My Summer Vacation, Part One: hxxp://tinyurl.com/msvc-citi-trlr-stream
My Summer Vacation, Part Two: hxxp://tinyurl.com/msv2-citi-trlr-stream

One extra footnote.
When I went to get the first one, I had a choice.
512 kbs or 4000 kbs.  The big one scared me (not the first time I have said that!) as I did not have

the space to handle it, so I chose the smaller one.It sucked.

The resolution was so bad, no Movieboy Magic - and I tried - would fix it.
I would have been ashamed to post it!
So I trashed it and started clearing up space for the behemoth.

After about a week I went back and the 4000 was gone, substitute by a 2000, 1000, and the shitty 512 so I got the 2000 for you and me!

The second one was always 512 or 1000 so that was easy, though I wish it could have been 4000.

None the less, after burning both played fantastic!

I think you too will be pleased.

Info for both below, Details for both in the combined NFO file (for the techies!



Citiboyz 61: Eric Austyns My Summer Vacation [CitiBoyz Video-Paladin]




Follow along as Damon and Eric begin their summer vacation in Florida! It is only the first day, but these two guys are horny, and start the day out right with some hot sucking and fucking with each other. It is a great way to begin a week-long sexual romp they will never forget.

Jake is an awesomely cute pool boy hired to clean the swimming pool at the condo where the guys are staying. Eric comes outside for a smoke, makes eye contact with Jake and you know what is going to happen next. Damon is away, so Eric takes Jake up to the bedroom and fucks his tight little ass. Jakes reputation as a hot fuck really gets around fast. Cole and his friend Tristan invite Jake over to his house while Coles parents are at work. What ensues is a really hot threesome featuring superb cock sucking from all three boys, and a tag team fucking of pool boy Jake.

While Eric is away, local boy Remy comes by to trick with Damon, but Damon is not home. Remy finds a Fleshjack on the coffee table and decides to try it out... and he really likes it... using it to bring himself to a sweet, juicy finish.

Damon finally makes it back home to meet up with Remy, who is just finished jacking off. But he is a horny 19 years old, so he is ready to go again, especially when he sees how hot Damon looks. The two guys start messing around and, just as Remy starts slurping on Damons pole, Eric walks in and demands to get in on the action!

Stars: Eric Austyn, Damon Audigier, Cole Hardy, Remy LeBeau, Jake Lyons, Tristan Sterling

Director: Steve Shay

Released: 2010


File name: My Summer Vacation.avi
File size: 1.62 GB
Resolution: 848x480
Duration: 1:49:19
Audio bit rate: 128 kbs
Frame rate: 29.97 fps
Video data rate: 2082 kbs
Format: XVID MPEG-4

Citiboyz 62: Eric Austyns My Summer Vacation 2 [Citiboyz Video-Paladin]




My Summer Vacation Part Two starts out with Cole and Tristan hooking up at Coles place, which has sure seen a lot of action this week! Cole is a great cock sucker, and Tristan rewards him with a good hard fuck (which he is good at). Great chemistry and hot sex between these two young men... followed by nice juicy cumshots.

Poolboy Jake is back at it. In this scene, he is cleaning the pool over at Coles place while Cole is
way. When he is done, he decides to take advantage of his employers empty house by inviting over Eric and Damon for some hot sucking and fucking action.

Cole and Eric hook up for a twosome in this scene. Cole really wants Erics big dick, but he is a
ittle afraid of it getting shoved up his ass. But he gets so horny slurping on Erics massive pole
that he is practically begging Eric to fuck him.

Vacation is just about over, but before Damon and Eric say goodbye to Orlando and head home, they decide to have one last fuck. And they make it a good one. Eric gives Damon a good face-fucking before pounding his ass with his big cock.

Stars: Cole Hardy, Damon Audigier, Eric Austyn, Jake Lyons, Tristan Sterling

Director: Steve Shay

Released: 2010


File name: My Summer Vacation 2.avi
File size: 778 MB
Resolution: 848x480
Duration: 1:44:51
Audio bit rate: 96 kbs
Frame rate: 29.97 fps/
Video data rate: 1014 kbs
Format: XVID MPEG-4
Added2017-12-04 18:44:26
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