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Nate and Marcus
It's homecoming weekend here at ASG with the return of Marcus and Nate. Both guys have been busy or out of town and when we saw them after about three or four months it was awesome! We were so fuckin' horny when we finally met up we just had to push the envelope a little and fuck did it ever work! We talked about two weeks before with Marcus and asked im if he'd ever want to suck a dick . . . ."um..no man, I don't think I could do that" . . . was his reply. Well the day for the shoot came and when the hot pussy on the screen got the boys going we just had the feeling that something extra cool was gonna happen. Marcus sucked his first dick! Say what? We were floored to see this big studly dude get his mouth around Nate's throbbing cock. Fuck what a site! Guys we never thought we'd see Marcus go down on another guy . . . pigs are now flying. It doesn't get much hotter or more real than this.

Meet Jeremy . . . a totally hot stud with great face, horny attitude and really big, bent, hard cock! This guy is a friend of Jay's and has stayed over at our place several times. We'd always heard rumors about how big Jeremy's dick was and were VERY interested in shooting him but he turned us down several times. Finally, Jeremy came around and we finally shot this film with him. We of course were very excited that he finally agreed to "bare it all" and you will be too! This guy has the most amazing dick..it's about as big as they come boys. Jeremy starts off in the shower and gets hard almost instantly. Watch him work his dick into a frenzy. This guy obviously knows how to work it, which explains all the females that follow him around. After seeing his package - now we know the rumors are true! HOT.

Kai Hand-Job
Kai is our new super-stud, and you all have been asking for more of him. He just turned 30 so we decided to give him a special ?birthday present' ;) He'd gone out for lap dances but hadn't gotten laid out of the deal. While we didn't have Ashlee handy for the deed, we did have Jay ready to lend a hand! (Of course, Doug was around too, so . . . ) This is the first time a dude has ever gotten to play with Kai, and I think he kind of liked it. At least, it sure looked like it to me! We can't wait to see how much we can push the envelope with Kai, so stay tuned and enjoy this hot video . . .

Bryan and Guzzo
Bryan recently came back from his break to make some new films with us. We were trying to think of how we should use him in his next film. I never suggested it because I am the jealous type, especially when it comes to Bryan, but I had always thought it would be hot to see him fuck someone. He had never fucked anyone (a guy) before so I wanted it to be Hot whoever it was. We decided to pair him up with Guzzo. Guzzo has that sexy thug-appeal and that hot little ass to bring to the table. That's about all anyone needs to say . . . the rest speaks for itself. It was HOT! It started with Guzzo blowing Bryan's big cock and ends up with Guzzo getting his tight little ass pounded by Bryan's rock hard snake. It ends up with a creamy double bang. My cock was really hard the whole time getting to watch as my fantasy unfolded right in front of me.

Dylan and Crow
Okay we have to admit that we have met the ultimate sex freak and his name is Crow. Crow LOVES IT ALL! You guys have seen Crow before but today's video is some of the hottest shit we've done to date in our opinion. We asked horny, hung Dylan to come and play with Crow. We thought it was perfect, both guys are hot and eager and Dylan was bragging about what a good fuck he was. Well c'mon n prove it big boy! And prove it he did as he worked his dick and his temperature up to the task. After some fun 69 action Dylan mounted Crow and his legs went up and so will your dick as you watch this scorcher over and over!
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