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Cast:  Lane Fuller, Lance Gear, Chad Hunt, Logan Krewe, Mason Jarr, Jackson Price, Evan Taylor

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2001

Studio :  All Worlds Video

The yummylicious Lane Fuller is featured in one of his last onscreen fuck flicks before taking a two year break. In other Cockwatch-worthy news, wait until you see unstoppable sexpig Lance Gear take a whack at deep throating Chad Hunt's monster meat.

With solid performances and excellent direction, blue movie empress Chi Chi LaRue has created a splendid vehicle through which your most intense homoerotic urges might be released.

The film opens with a frustrated Price, who can’t seem to unravel the mysteries of his VCR. Instead, he decides to take a nap and fantasize about all sorts of dirty things.

His first wet dream is a real humdinger - a passionate tryst between Krewe and Taylor, who both have looks that are outside of the porn mainstream. Krewe gets the balls rolling with his winning oral performance on Taylor’s tapered tool.

Next, it’s Taylor’s turn to fellate, and he also does it with gusto, before moving south to lap vigorously at Krewe’s fuzzy man-muff. Krewe ends up with Taylor straddling his face, which the old chap seems to enjoy very much. After some prolonged teasing, Krewe ends up on his back with Taylor’s poker in his bum. Taylor pulls out to have Krewe nibble on his ‘nads, before diving back in for more. The scene ends when the boys produce a milky substance from their penile tips.

Next up is a locker-room fantasy come to life. The ever-in-rut Gear is here as a coach in his bald, goateed, hirsute splendor, and he’s matched with "The Dick That Destroyed Tokyo," the three-legged Hunt. Gear does an admirable job of taking about half of Hunt’s awe-inspiring appendage down the hatch. A lengthy rimming follows, with Gear on his hands and knees and Hunt savoring the fleshy delights of Gear’s back door. If, twenty years from now, Gear is wondering why he has so many bowel problems, he can probably trace it back to what happens next, when Hunt slams every one of his many inches into Gear’s guts with a savage abandon. After a bit of that, the men both tickle their dickles until they come.

The next scene is the weakest, despite the presence of the criminally attractive Jarr. Pretty-boy Lane is his foil, and he takes to sucking Jarr’s chumpy with ease. Despite the fact that a man is licking his ass, Jarr shows little in the way of excitement. He does get a bit more worked up when Lane ends up on the end up his pickle. After some doggy-style action, Lane shoots a hefty money shot and they call it a day.

In the final scene, things pick up again. This time it’s a threesome between Price, Krewe and Taylor. This scene has all the elements that make gay porn such a delight, plus some double-fellatio and a three-way fuckwich with Taylor as the meat in the middle. The passions run high here, and the comfort level between the three really makes the scene.

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