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♺ Vintage Lost & Found - Brentwood Loops (Part 2)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-03-20 |
Second part of a series with all the remastered bonus-extra scenes from Falcon Studios DVD-releases assembled together. Supplemented with additional info including original (and/or alternative) titles and promo descriptions. Intended for true connoisseurs of vintage gay porn.

The first part can be found here: http://www.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=170188
Coming soon: Brentwood loops Part 3, Telstar / Bob Anthony loops, Mustang / Horse loops.

VL&F-02 - BRENTWOOD LOOPS (PART 2) - Total duration: 1:23

Scene 1 - Ebony Love Parts 1 & 2 a.k.a. Telephone Repairman (Brentwood / Stallions 238 / 239, 1975) - 11:36
Rod, a handsome black repairman, arrives to repair a telephone and is met at the office door by Jim, a young electrician working on some new wiring. Jim sees the massive bulge in Rod's Levis and his eyes reveal the hunger to taste it. This film contains so much very heavy, hot, rarely seen action that we strongly urge that you get both parts and not miss a single instant.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 019 Help Wanted DVD.

Scene 2 - The Lifeguard (Brentwood / Stallions 249, 1975) - 14:16
Help! There’s a blond in distress, flailing about and close to drowning in the deep end of the pool. Thank goodness John the studly lifeguard is there to pluck Steve out of a watery demise. Counseling and comfort soon follow and the thankful victim engages his savior in a mutual suck’n’fuck and ass munching exercise as payment for services rendered and gratefully received.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 032 The New Breed DVD (where it's erroniously titled 'Lifeguard' which is another loop).

Scene 3 - (Policeman) In The Park Parts 1 & 2 (Brentwood / Stallions 252-253, 1975) - 26:37
A good-looking black cop watches a young guy sucking off another handsome stud. Taking them by surprise, he decides to get his own kicks by making his two captives suck his huge thick black cock. Both must follow his demands and this sends his heart pounding as he thinks of new ways to satisfy his big sex hungry weapon. His "victims" feel his excitement and they rise to a new sexual high - an unexplainable craving brought on by the closeness to danger.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 032 The New Breed DVD. A five minute shorter version was released on Mark! (a.k.a. Trophy 4) by Bijou Video.

Scene 4 - 'I'll Take You Both a.k.a. Marine Furlough (Brentwood 256, 1975)  - 16:25
Gary Boyd is an unbelievably hung marine who along with his buddy Bill, check into a hotel in Tokyo. Gary has planned to visit the Geishas but Bill has other ideas. He had seen Gary's enormous cock in the showers and knew that he had to have it no matter what. Gary calls room service and orders a couple of drinks. Soon waiter Mark Stevens arrives and is surprised yet heavily turned on to what he sees. He walks on in with his ten inch dick sticking out of his pants. A hot and heavy three-way and Bill alternates using his ass and throat to milk the giant cocks.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 032 The New Breed DVD. Also released on Marine Furlough (Brentwood Classics 1) by Bijou Video.

Scene 5 - Young John Holmes (Unknown loop) - 13:58
Somehow the legend persists that the perhaps most famous straight pornstar of all time John Holmes only starred in two gay porn movies, both shot at the end of his illustrious career and for the money only. Well...that story isn't quite true. He modelled in many gay porn shoots from very early on in his career. In this very early loop, possibly filmed in 1972 and set in the same motelroom where legendary gay porn director Matt Sterling shot several of his Dimension Films loops, we see Holmes frolicing around with an unknown guy, clearly having a lot of fun and exhibiting why he truly was 'The King'.
UPDATE: This loop is originally titled 'Phil & His Trick' and features besides John Holmes, a very young Ray Fuller performing as the 'Trick'.  John C. Holmes is usually referred to as Mike Spaulding when it comes to gay porn. Images of this loop were published in picture magazine L'Affaire Nr 4.

Loop boxes and info courtesy of www.gayeroticvideoindex.com
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