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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-30 |
Straight performer Scotty takes on the challenging role we give him agreeing to all the action. We are thrilled with the result and Scotty is entirely willing to work with us again.
Model: Scotty
Studio: Breeder Fuckers

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Part 1:
Subdued, gagged, ankles locked with leg-spreader, groped, speedos shredded, arsehole fingered, flogged, taught to suck and wank cock.
Champion swimmer is riding high on success winning medals and million-pound sponsorship deals are coming at him left and right. His body is in prime condition, finely muscled for gliding through the water and lean without an ounce of fat on him. He enters the locker room weary after a hard afternoon of training, his near-naked body dripping and glistening wet from the pool. Seizing his opportunity Adrian bursts in on him looking to close a sponsorship deal with the famed sportsman. Scotty is having none of it, but with a shot from Dr Dave's special vitamin mix the hot straight stud is made much more compliant. The men take control of his body, groping every inch of his chest, washboard stomach and great bulging swim-suit wrapped package.
His speedos are tugged aside so they can slide their thick man fingers up his tight virgin anus. They cut the swim suit from his body leaving him totally exposed and vulnerable. Since he rudely rebels Dave makes him more compliant lashing his big strong back. Brought to his knees he's presented with two hard cocks which he must service. He's given strong verbal instructions in how to pleasure a man's stiff prick. This is how to turn a prize hetero swim champ into a man-whore. Overwhelm him with dicks shoved in his face and rammed down his throat till he gags.

Part 2:
Chained upsidedown, legs spread and secured, nose clamped and attached to his cock, arse fingered and filled with a dildo on a stick, arse screwed till he ejaculates on his own face
Hetero swimming star Scotty has never had his arsehole penetrated before so it's time to open him up. He's chained arse-up against a pillar giving the greedy men full and immediate access to his anus. His bell end is tied to his nose so every jolt of his body makes him inadvertently rub and tease his sensitive glans. They lube up his hairy hole and take their time sliding their bare fingers into his tight warm arse cavity. Slowly his tight sporty anus widens up urging the men to reach for a big fat dildo to really impale him with. His well-trained muscular body strains with the tension of holding such an unfamiliar position. He's rammed full, the sustained stimulation to his prostate and rubbing of his cock end causes him to spontaneously ejaculate shooting a huge gush of spunk right in his own blushing face.

Part 3:
Cock restrained, arse caned, nipples pegged, cock rammed up his tight sore arse, fucked by two men
Scotty has taken sexual pleasure for himself without his new owners’ permission. This straight champion athlete needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him and his own selfish desires. He now exists only for the sexual pleasure of men who want to use his strong masculine body. His insatiable cock is put on a leash and tied to the wall. He’s restrained in place with his arse pointed upward ready for punishment. Time for a sound caning to make his big muscular arse cheeks glow red. Lashing his arse makes him bum so sensitive that every whip of the cane causes him tremble and howl in protest. Now that he’s been beaten into submission he’s primed to fucked. The men take turns screwing the bent angry sportsman showing him that their pleasure is all that matters.

Part 4:
Stripped naked and tied onto his knees, bit-gag between teeth, involuntary erection tied off, cock tormented with little bells clipped onto banjo-string, nipple clamps with bells on, viciously caned and made to crawl, made to impale himself on larger and larger butt-plugs, anus fucked with vibrator, dildo on pole shoved up his arse.
Scotty has to submit to one of the most humiliating experiences ever filmed. The naked stud has a bit gag fixed tightly between his teeth making him drool uncontrollably. His legs are tied up making him crawl on his knees, with his hairy pink hole permanently exposed. Dave happily toys with Scotty's cock making him erect. His big hard dick and hairy nuts are tied off, keeping his purple helmet aroused and sorely exposed. Cruel Dave attaches a wicked little bell to Scotty's banjo-string and also to his nips. Such sweet agony! With the vicious cane striking at all the lad's exposed flesh he is goaded to crawl around the room at Dave's feet.
The humiliation is rammed up further as the once proud breeder has to impale deep into his tight arse with larger and larger butt-plugs. With his hole becoming painfully more stretched Dave takes a massive vibrator and shoves it up the stud's back passage too. So wrong! The totally humiliated stallion, now covered in red welts from the cane, is then kicked over and Dave shoves a big fat dildo, on the end of a pole, up his arse. Scotty moans and cries from the total shame and degradation he endures.

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