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Total Run Time: 2 hrs 25 mins.
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See what makes Chad Douglas a true Falcon Legend in The Best of Chad Douglas. Eight scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own.

Scene One - from "Spring Break" - Featuring Chad Douglas and Cory Monroe

Cory Monroe receives a ride and a lesson in man-on-man sex from big Uncle Chad Douglas. Hirsute Chad rams his humongous cock in and out of Cory's splayed asshole, picking him up and fucking him in midair. This aggressive deep penetrating, forced-fucking scene makes this movie one of the more classic and memorably Falcon Studios features.

Scene Two - from "Giant Splash Shots II" - Featuring Chad Douglas, Jeff Quinn and Lance

Lance and Jeff Quinn are out for a run. They stop over at Chad Douglas' place since he has a pool and they want to cool off. Chad has plenty of cock for both of them and they make good use of his pool.

Scene Three - from "In Your Wildest Dreams" - Featuring Kevin Williams and Chad Douglas

Kevin Williams has hired Chad Douglas as his at home workout coach. Kevin does just as he is told for that monster cock that Chad has for him. He gets to suck Chad’s cock while he is on the rowing machine. Then he is bent over his bicep press to take all of Chad up his ass.

Scene Four - from "Giant Splash Shots II" - Featuring Chad Douglas and Leigh Erickson

Chad Douglas is over at Leigh Erickson's pool to use the weights that he keeps poolside. After the workout Chad lets Leigh know that he is ready for his big muscle to get worked on. Leigh is more than happy to oblige.

Scene Five - from "Spring Break" - Featuring Chad Douglas, Cory Monroe and Chris Burns

Dragged by his uncle Chad Douglas into a private den of iniquity, novice Cory Monroe is introduced to the brutality and violence one man can inflict on another. But is it really brutal or violent when submissive (and lucky) Chris Burns willingly surrenders to the savagery that super-hot leather master Cole Carpenter unfurls? It sizzles ... it stings ... it's hot ... it's kinky ... and boy does it smart!

Scene Six - from "Giant Splash Shots II" - Featuring Jim Bentley and Chad Douglas
Chad Douglas stops over at Jim Bentley's and takes an instant liking to the little ass that Jamie Landon has. Chad wastes no time in stretching out Jamie's hole with his monster cock.

Scene Seven - from "Manrammer: A Battle of Size" - Featuring Chad Douglas and Brad Mitchell

Garage mechanic Brad Mitchell's orifices are plowed roughly by big-dicked, hairy Chad Douglas in Rex's pick-up truck. They power fuck nice and hard making this one of the more popular fucking scenes in the movie.

Scene Eight - from "Spokes II: The Graduation" - Featuring Chad Douglas, Race Jensen, Jack Lofton, Jim Bentley, Sean Lawrence, Tony Marinos, Eric Manchester, Chris Williams and Casey Jordan

Chad Douglas stands before a lattice while a smooth and hungry Jack Lofton kneels before Chad - deepthroating his cock while Ryan Stone jacks his cock and enjoys the view. Ripped musclestud Race Jensen drops to his knees before Ryan, sucking his cock deep and hard while Ryan Stone enjoys Race's hard form. Soon Chad has his cock buried deep in Jack's ass... fucking him hard as Jack tongues Race's tight hole. Inspired by lust, the men change partners and positions...anything to get more hard cock into a tight grip. Chad Pumps Race hard from behind as Jack savors the taste of Ryan's cock deep in his throat. More men merge into the scene. Race slams leatherboy Sean Lawrence's ass and Eric Manchester shows up for a good suck and fuck...and ever-hungry Jack Lofton is eager to take it. Chad and Race jerk off over a mirrored table and Tony Marinos joins them... a trio of hot horny men working their cocks and pumping out their thick loads one by one. Dildos come out and the men lose themselves in the desire for a fat cock and a full fill. Jim Bentley, Chris Williams and Casey Jordan finally arrive as the orgy is deep in session. Jack tells them to strip and sit down...the boys prove their oral skills by taking on the club members before surrendering their assess to Chad, Tony and Eric's cocks. One by one the men unload over Chris and the room resounds with their gasps and moans of satisfaction.
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