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manplay - homo erectus

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DescriptionCast:  Jason Branch, Steve Ross, Joey Russo, Matt Bradshaw, Damian Ford, Sam Dixon, Jay Bergman

Director:  Tony Alizzi

Screenwriter:  Tony Alizzi

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 47 min

Year: 2001

Studio :  MSR Videos

A "sexpedition" of seasoned hunks - including Jason Branch and Matt Bradshaw - has come to the wild jungles of South Africa, intent on capturing Homo Erectus and bringing him back to America for observation. Justifying their actions with a dubious citing of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, they hope to lure Homo Erectus into a trap by baiting him with a tempting whiff of sweaty man sex.

Jason and (new real-life boyfriend) Steve get things going with a hearty suck-and-fuck in and up against the bamboo cage designed to confine Homo Erectus. Little do they know Homo Erectus watches secretly from the jungle and, after the guys blow their loads, makes off with their bottle of lube and leaves a tell-tale foot print for the rest of the team to find on the morrow.

The team breaks up into groups to follow the foot print trail. Matt and his buddy Damian get misrouted and have themselves a nutritious lunch in the bush consisting of deep-throating and hard fucking, with a side order of slobbery rimming. All along, the mysterious Homo Erectus again observes from the jungle as canned indigenous noises screech and squawk on the soundtrack. Speaking of which, it's funny how the atmospheric mist of the interior jungle "set" dissipates whenever someone gets a hard-on. All the better for Homo Erectus to observe how to roll a condom onto a hard cock and how to properly slather goops of lube onto it before burying it brutishly into an ass, I suppose.

Having tracked Homo Erectus, the team uses bitch boy Steve as a lure to trap the horny beast. Homo Erectus predictably pounces and shoves his prehistoric cock all the way down Steve's hungry throat. As Homo Erectus fucks the helpless guy's face, he grunts with primitive abandon as the other men gather around the bushes to watch, waiting to spring their trap. After bending over to be rimmed, Homo Erectus proficiently demonstrates his newly learned skills of wrapping a cock in latex, greasing it up and shoving it eight-plus inches deep into Steve's dark, tight manhole. As soon as Homo Erectus blows a Jurassic-sized load, the men snare him in the nets.

Held captive in the bamboo cage, Homo Erectus studies the men intently, his searing eyes and scruffy beard highly reminiscent of Al Pacino in Serpico. Sam, the Catholic guy on the sexpedition who represents the theological interests of the Vatican, spouts some religious mumbo-jumbo about the moral implications of what they're doing with Homo Erectus, and when the others on the team mock him, he tries (and fails) to set Homo Erectus free.

A sinfully delicious group fuck-fest ensues, as Jason cock-gags the unruly Bible-banger and everyone takes turns impressively deep-choking Homo Erectus. Soon, the team turns into a cock-slurping, ass-licking, butt-plowing, cum-squirting pretzel of hard jungle flesh, intensifying into a torrent of spurted cream for a memorably sticky finale. Though it’s hard to keep track of who's fucking who, it's gleefully sacrilegious to consider the implications of the notion that it's the Catholic moralist who is debased and abused the most, left writhing in the gooey white sludge of everyone else's splattered semen. Growl!

The buff manly hunks all seem to be enjoying themselves immensely, but the limited production values extend beyond intentional camp and become somewhat irritating (the muffled open-mic sound; the sometimes stilted acting; the over-saturated lighting). Thankfully, the feverish sex is bestial and there’s sufficient plump cock to choke a jungle full of explorers and enough creamy rivers of cum for them all to take a bath in.

Newbie Joey Russo makes a splashy first impression, with a gushing cum shot that out-squirts most of the pros! He's made to feel right at home by an assortment of seasoned sexies who each have an incurable case of jungle fever. They're all "jungle-licious"!
-Beef Stroganoff
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