♺ Bodybuilder Johnny Bravo Connoisseur Wrestling Collection

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-09-05 |
This wrestling collection was inspired by this post:

Two of the files featuring Bravo on the mat are included herein.
I have added another 16 wrestling clips, all from Thunder's Arena.

Attached to post are three representative screen thumbnails.
Total running time of the entire wrestling collection is 6:48:22.

Diehard Bravo fans will not want to miss the Johnny Bravo Connoisseur Muscle Collection:


480x360    29:14.58  Johnny Bravo vs Alexander - Thunders Arena.mp4
480x360    23:18.03  Johnny Bravo vs Frank Defeo - Thunders Arena.mp4
480x360    29:34.97  Johnny Bravo vs Joey Meatball - Thunders Arena.mp4
512x320    28:26.04  Johnny Bravo vs Con Demetriou - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    20:27.19  Johnny Bravo vs Bear - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    24:35.80  Johnny Bravo vs Boxxy - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    25:30.56  Johnny Bravo vs Dallas - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    10:06.40  Johnny Bravo vs Frey - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    18:57.77  Johnny Bravo vs Musclemaster - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    17:44.49  Johnny Bravo vs Mystery - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    22:31.68  Johnny Bravo vs Punk - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    22:08.56  Johnny Bravo vs Python - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    24:41.71  Johnny Bravo vs Sleeper - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    10:30.86  Johnny Bravo vs Specimen - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    21:54.31  Johnny Bravo vs Tak - Thunders Arena.mp4
640x360    24:50.99  Johnny Bravo vs Vinny + Kid Titan + etc - Thunders Arena.mp4
720x480    23:28.96  Johnny Bravo vs Con Demetriou vs Frank Defeo in Water Wars 2 - Thunders Arena.mp4
720x480    30:19.45  Johnny Bravo vs Zman - Thunders Arena.mp4

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