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Code Red

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DescriptionCode Red is the TitanMen Fresh import that most resembles the high-end level of TitanMen home grown features. That's no surprise, with GAYVN Hall of Fame inductees Brian Mills behind the camera, and Bruce Cam as the Executive Producer. So whether it's in Bavaria, Belgrade or downtown Budapest, we're still talking big rock-hard cocks and blistering butt busting sex.
These four sets of horny young Euro-studs arrive at the Code Red sex club eager to blast loads of creamy man juice. Tousle-haired Jirka and athletic Michal gotta get off quick, while blond beauty Denis and dark-haired buddy Franco share passionate make-out (wait'll you get a look at the corn-silk curls gilding Denis' ripe rosebud).The playful foreskin docking of chiseled Viktor and cherubic Rony grooves into backdoor boogie, and there's a full-on fuck fest when ripped track star Tobias and roguish Vlad share feisty bottom Ivan. And all of 'em a foreskin feast that just screams "Insert tongue here." Oh, yeah-this Code Red is a global warming alert!

1. Jirka Mikhel, Michal Restam
Just as soon as they enter the large, empty playroom of the Code Red sex club, athletic Michal tugs down the trousers of lanky sk8er Jirka, and an already hardening, giant wang springs out. Jirka makes the giant bone jump before Michal’s eyes, and the hungry guy gorges on the throat-clogger, giving it a thorough tongue-worshipping from below its low-hanging balls, up along the finger-thick vein on the sturdy shaft’s bottom side, and ‘round and ‘round its shiny head. Suddenly, Jirka spins Michal ‘round, and tongues deep into a lightly-haired asshole. He spreads it wide with his fingers and plunges his giant rammer in with deep thrusts that make Michal moan. Finally pulling out, he drops a thick load onto Michal’s cock, and Michal stands up to return the favor, leaving a hefty glob of joy-gel on top of Jirka’s sweet ‘n sticky bone.

2. Denis Reed, Franco Gregorio
Arm in arm, blond beauty Denis and dark-haired buddy Franco swagger happily into Code Red. They’re already nuzzling in the lobby, and launch quickly into passionate kisses as they undress inside. Franco jerks his hard cock as he gulps the long piece of meat Denis offers, and Denis shows off his deep throating skill when Franco pumps his face full of cock. Denis stretches a velvety foreskin over his hard-on, and tickles a beautifully ripe rosebud that’s gilded with wisps of blond corn-silk curls. The glistening hole is ready for a drilling, and Franco throws it a full-force fuck. With his legs thrown over his head, Denis' improbably pretty hole is packed with Franco’s prick. Overcome with excitement, the blond pumps up jizz that sprays across his body, causing Franco to erupt, too.

3. Rony Zaliv, Viktor Oleg
Jerk off buddies Viktor and Rony go at it full bore, bouncing their bones and showing off. Playful docking finds their cocks fitting together into one long flesh tube. Entranced with the cock before him, cherubic Rony swallows Viktor’s swollen rod, and they swap juicy blow jobs. There’s some backdoor boogie to come, though, as chiseled Viktor spreads Rony’s butt cheeks and finds a furry hole that he crams with cock. He smacks Rony’s royal buns red as he rides, and then throws him on his back to plow even deeper, until the sweaty young guys cum suddenly together in a geyser of relief.

4. Ivan Belkov, Tobias Vares, Vlad Smeshnoi
When Tobias arrives at the club alone, horny doorman Vlad lays claim to the tightbodied, dirty-blond athlete. He’s a real sex star, and a tease, stripping slowly to taunt Vlad with his track-star build, smooth hot skin, and heavenly, rock-hard ass. Ivan’s been watching from across the room while beating a yard long, young wonder-wang, and Tobias and Vlad fall to their knees before it. They lick and suck that skin flute together, feed it to each other until their hot mouths bring Ivan’s cum blowing out, while they explode alongside. A full-on fuck fest follows. Tobias is the first to fuck Ivan’s amazing ass; when Tobias’ taut ass-stretcher has Ivan’s hole spread to the max, Vlad takes over and fills it full of overheated fuckpole. Vlad and Tobias kiss above Ivan’s sweat-slick body as they plug him from both ends. There’s a pile-up of prick as they all explode in a cum-drenched finale that’ll have you gasping along with the exhausted, sweaty trio.
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