♺ Midnight Men - Giants (1987)

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Description~dead? | Original upload: 2010-07-05 |

Straight dudes sharing more than just stories here: We got truck stops, glory holes, hustling for cash and pre-condom cum loads galore. Please note that this is the Midnight Men version of Jocks Pac 007 (meaning same scenes and stars, just different box art). Still quite a steady seller even to this day.
-Keeneye Reeves

From the liner notes:
"You'll see, these giants are so much larger than life. Clean-cut, wholesome, all-American, preppy men living out each other's wildly exaggerated sexual fantasies as their bodies tense with sweat!"

Cast: Jeff Converse, Eric Manchester, David John Roth, J.T. Denver, Mark Miller, Brian Maxon, Steve Henson, Cory Monroe, The Mystery Skier

Directed by David Winter, 1987, 83 minutes,  320x240, WMV3/WMA2
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