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"Sexual Urban Legends features four sexy tales about steamy man action that's sure to make you revisit them time and time again.

The first legend brings Brad Benton and Justin Wells together in "The Surprise Party." Brad's dad is sad that he has to go out of town on his son's birthday. As soon as pop splits, Brad is on the phone to Justin right way. The two waste no time jumping into Brad's bed - making out and sucking nipples until Brad straddles Justin and shoves his big cock in his face. Justin sucks hungrily on the fatty. The two roll over and Justin tongue teases Brad's hard nipples and works his way down his tummy to his stiffy. The two face mash some more before its Brad's turn to taste Justin's cock.

Brad crawls on top of Justin's face and takes a seat. Justin works his tongue around Brad's hole for some deep exploration. Justin decides that it's time he takes a seat and sits straight down on Brad's manhood. Justin gets rolled over and Brad goes in deeper as he fucks his pal's tight hole. It's Justin's turn next as he screws Brad doggy style and bumps the birthday boy's sweet ass. Justin still isn't finished delivering his gift, so he pumps Brad's fuck hole until Brad shoots a big load. The two stroke off and shoot again. After their torrid sex, the two are hungry and go downstairs only to find, well... let's just say there lies the surprise!

In "Australian Beer," two college roommates, senior Chad Hunt and freshman Alan Gregory, chat a little before Chad asks Alan if he's ever had Australian beer. Chad tells him that if he drinks too much of it, he'll get a sore ass. The two chug away, and Alan passes out. Before we know it, Alan's going down on Chad's thick monster dick. Chad keeps pouring beer down Alan's throat as well as his fat cock. Alan then hangs his head over the side of the bed and Chad pumps his big pud in and out of the freshman's mouth.

Big man on campus Chad then sticks his huge cock in the freshman's tight hole and pumps until he speeds up to deep thrusts. Chad moves into a scissor fuck and continues to ram his rod in the hungry bottom's ass. The two college studs finish the fucking with the doggy style position until Chad shoots his load on the freshman's creamy, smooth ass.

The next day, Alan can barely sit down. He tells Chad that he's right, that Australian beer gives you a sore ass. He gets a phone call from the doctor, who tells him that there is nothing wrong with him, except he's gay. Alan then finds the stuff that knocked him out under Chad's bed.

"Holiday Nightmare" brings Andy Hunter and Cade to a creepy motel on a road trip. The two go back to their room and find out that they've been robbed. The two console each other with a lip lock. Cade goes down on Andy's hefty man hog and sucks away. Andy thrusts his dick in Cade's mouth and makes him work his big dick. The two get on the bed and Andy licks Cade's butt hole clean. He fingers the blond bottom boy's asshole before he stick in his cock.

Andy humps Cade on all fours teasing his love pucker with the head of his cock. He turns Cade over and goes down on him. Andy swivels around and the two go at each other in a 69. Andy then pumps Cade's ass doggy style before plugging him backwards. Little Cade sits on Andy's man pole and goes for a ride before getting rolled to his side and fucked and finishing with Andy squirting his love juice all over Cade's back. A week later the guys find photos of their sexual antics in the hotel room... and a surprise photo.

The last legend, "The Silver Spoon," has mama Lana visiting her son Jason ridge and his lover Nick Capra. Mom senses something isn't right between the two. Jason proclaims that he and Jason are nothing more than roommates. Nick doesn't think it would be a big deal if momma found out. The two sit on their couch and mash faces. Nick and Jason work their hungry mouths all over each other's bodies before Nick goes down on Jason.

The two get back on the couch and Jason sucks off Nick as Nick teases Jason's butt hole. Jason gives up his sweet ass and Jason eats out his boyfriend's hole. He sticks it to Jason on all fours before Jason climbs up and sits on the throbber. Jason stands above his sweetie and dumps a load full. The next day, Nick's grandmother's spoon is missing and he accuses Jason's mom. Jason writes to his mom and asks her about it. A few days later, lo and behold, a letter from mom arrives telling him exactly how she knows the two are, well, you know, "funny that way".
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