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DescriptionToday i'm introducing a new recruit to the line up and he hails all the way from New York! Yep New York! He's now in California and into the clutches of Rob Navarro and his life has changed. This boy has never done ANYTHING with a guy sexually and today what started out as a typical scene, turned out to be a confusion of words that made me change the course of the video as we got started. Check it out!
Luciano placed an ad on craigslist and of course I was on there searching through the M4W section and sending out my words of opportunity out to various prospects. Luciano was one of the guys that responded and before long I was telling him all about the interesting work I do and how he could gain financially from it and help me out in the process. I really think that if you give straight guys the truth, they are more prone to accept things easier than if they are being deceived.
Luciano came today looking to do a solo masturbation video that paid a certain amount. We actually met 3 days before our shoot and I had to pull the plug on the shoot because he wasn't in his "right state of mind". We negotiated a BJ scene and even the price but he was so out of it that we couldn't even begin the shoot without him almost passing out. I was in aw because I've never come across something like this.
Well based on that day I proceeded to today's shoot without discussing anything and just going right to the point. When I did grab Luciano's cock and began my blow job, he quickly turned me back and said he wasn't interested in doing that. ARG!!! Well i'm a businessman and i'm here to succeed so I wanted to make sure I accommodated him and didn't take the confusion anywhere near his blame. I took it all upon myself.
In the end, today you will see what a real straight guy with his "gay free" sex life so far in his life, he has yet to take on a guy's mouth on his cock which he so adamantly says that BJs are better orgasms then intercourse sex. To each his own right? Luciano ended this scene today with a hit! a hero! a grand slam! Watch and actually LISTEN to this boy's nut. I haven't that much cum come out of one man's cock at one time! Amazing!

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