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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-28 |

Director: Viper
Year: 2012
Length: 100 min
Condoms: N/A (oral)
At Spunk, we believe in premise but not plot; it appears the guys at Pumphouse have taken this to heart and produced Restrained & Drained, wherein some poor, unsuspecting straight guy is picked up and baited with a cute girl to get in the Pumphouse van, handcuffed to the barrier between the driver and cargo area, and then the tables are turned as the cute girl bids our abductor farewell as he unzips his captive's pants and goes to town sucking him off.

Scene one sees a blond skater dude fall off his board in the rain, so the van stops and he's offered a ride. Told the girl is kind of kinky and wants him to be put in handcuffs, he agrees... Girly says "bye" and our straight victim begins to realise what's in store when the dark-haired abductor pulls out his cock and starts to suck him hard. It takes our cocksucker a few minutes to stimulate our straight boy, but soon enough he's hard and getting foul-mouthed. He eventually gives in and convinces his captor to release his hands so he can stroke out a load while his captor jerks off on his face. Then, victim 1 is told he won't be released until he cums, so he jerks off on the captor's tongue. Offered a chance to sit up front with Girly, he says "sure!" but as soon as he's out of the van the doors shut and the van pulls away, leaving skater boy on the side of the road.

Off to Treasure Island (the island in the middle of San Francisco bay, for those not from around San Francisco) where Stacy (Girly has a name!) picks out another cute blond and the whole scenario plays out again. This one says "I don't play this way, dog!" to the captor as he unzips his pants. Stacy again says farewell, leaving blondboy in cuffs and hard, getting sucked by the abductor. The abductor says he'll let blondie go if he licks his cock, so (for a straight guy) he makes a valiant effort, but just can't, saying "that's so gross dog!" but remaining hard and spewing epithets like "fucking faggot" and "this is so sick!" The abductor promises to let him go when he cums, and it takes a few minutes, and first Mr Abductor jerks off and blows in -- or at -- the captive's mouth, but eventually he cums in abductor's mouth, and he spits his load back at him. Our suckee needs to take a piss, so steps out of the van, and it drives away as he threatens to "find you guys" and...

Acrosss the Golden Gate, the van slowly approaches another guy walking down the road, and we're off to the races once again. Stacy departs as captive 3 gets put in cuffs. Funny how he's already hard. He puts up a bit of a struggle, but not nearly as much as the first two, this guy seeming to enjoy it more than the first two. He cums pretty quick, blowing his load all over his T-shirt, but the abductor has to cum before letting him go, so he sucks his cummy cock, licks up the victim's spooge, and jerks out his own load.

So, does anyone think this is a bit odd, that all these guys are willing to get in a stranger's van , get handcuffed, or in the case of the next dude (number 4 for those keeping track), get ankle-restrained too? No fear; he's hard and not protesting as abductor-dude goes to town. He even kisses abductor dude back as he says, "You don't have to pretend you don't like it" but he clearly does as abductor swallows his cock down to the pubes and the victim's face contorts with pleasure. Amazingly, no one's called the cops yet. Stacy's back and says "He's so pissed!"

Now, it's nighttime, and they see a hispanic dude walking alone in the parking lot, and this one wisely says, "Well, if I don't like her, can I leave?" and abductor-man says "Sure!" and, well... are straight guys so desperate to get pussy they'll do anything? And I thought gay guys were horndogs.You learn something new every day.

"Stacy" sure seems to go for skater dudes. Particularly skater dudes rolling alone in deserted parking lots. But they all cum despite protesting otherwise, so if straight trade is your thing, these 7 scenes will definitely fit the bill.
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