♺ Seduced Straight Guys - Blade & Thomas

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-01-06 by unknown |

Shoots like this are always a worry. You lay out a good amount of cash to get two blokes who have never met before to do things they normally wouldn't do. It's a big gamble. There are so many things that can go wrong. Everything from nerves to second thoughts. I did have a good feeling about teaming these two up, but to tell you the truth, it wasn't until I watched the finished video did I realise how good this shoot actually turned out.
Two genuine guys doing something they have never done before, both with the attitude that they were here to do a job and they were gonna do it. Thou it seemed more than that.
This whole shoot screams first timers. But not only that, it has this underlying feeling that both these guys are actually enjoying what they are doing, even thou they think that they shouldn't be. It's just noticeable, you can see it in the way they do things and the way they are reacting. It's very sexy to watch.
Blade, for the first time ever fucking and sucking another guy. And Thomas, also sucking his first cock, goes even further into the straight mans taboo and allows another fella to fuck him.

This is one of those shoots that shows just how far some straight guys will go.

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