♺ TickleAbuse - Captive gym teacher

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-21 |
Principal Jack is not too please with Rick the gym teacher and wrestling coach. Rick is tired of his team weak efforts and believes they are soft, so he has been disciplining them with tickling. Jack hears about it and insists that his behavior is certainly not inappropriate and says there will be problems if it continues. Rick is tired of being told what to do from a bookworm principal and decides he isnt going to listen. Principal Jack feels that Rick must be reprimanded, but not in the usual way. He breaks into Rick’s place and captures him while sleeping. Rick wakes to find himself on his very own wrestling mats, bound wrist and ankles. Jack tells him that sometimes that stuff must be reprimanded too and gives Rick the worst tickling on his life. Jack is particularly ruthless on Rick’s super ticklish toes.

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