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John Blackburn - Coley Running Wild


Coley Cochran is a famous young male model, and widely known to be gay. After all, his sexual exploits are legendary, and (like the central character of Craig Maynard’s Leatherboy) you might guess from his self-presentation that he’s not exactly shopping for a “little missus”.

So when Coley encounters Laura, a young woman bent on interviewing him, and her boyishly sexy little brother Cort, he invites her out for a date… provided she brings Cort along. From there, Coley uses a combination of his sexual charms and plain old-fashioned trickiness to get what he wants. I’ll say no more about that.

The sex scenes are fairly frequent, and follow the standard porn model of putting the character in one situation after another, which gives him the opportunity to turn them into sexual encounters. When Coley walks into the parking lot and sees a shirtless worker unloading boxes from a truck, you can be sure that he’s about to get some action. But it doesn’t just happen; Coley makes it happen. Even as the pants unzip, we get to see just how he developed his reputation as a self-obsessed sexpot: he is one. The dialog, the pacing, and the art work together to create some fairly erotic scenes.
But these interludes tie together an actual story, focusing primarily on Coley, Cort, and Laura. Cort is both infatuated and a little scared by Coley’s rebelliousness. Laura mistrusts Coley’s motives in pursuing Cort, but falls under his spell as well. And Coley… what is he up to?

Blackburn makes a point of establishing that, although freckled young Cort may look younger, he is 18 years old, because the words “I’m eighteen” appear in a speech bubble on page 14 of the first issue, the First Amendment applies (with the usual restrictions). Explain that to me sometime, if you can.
It’s also worth noting that not all of the sex scenes in Hardthrob are the all-male pairings you’d expect from a “gay” comic. Coley’s narcissistic sex drive isn’t necessarily limited to hunky laborers and the boy next door, and he’ll take adoration from anyone.

-Coley Running Wild:

The opening page of “Return to Voodoo Island” explains that 19-year-old Coley was once abducted on a Caribbean cruise and transformed into a beautiful, mesmerizing sex god. (I’m assuming that this “secret origin” story was told previously elsewhere.) As you might guess from the title of this segment, it is the story of his return to the place where this happened. It’s a story of danger and intrigue, all revolving around the hunky blonde porn star and his friends.

Coley is traveling by boat with his lover Harry Larue (an aging movie star), his co-star (and sex partner) Lon, and their playgirl friend Kit. Their arrival at the island and the beginning of their time there provide an opportunity for John Blackburn to flesh out the characters a bit. For the most part, that means explaining Coley’s hedonistic, devil-may-care attitude toward sex (and other people) and how it fits in contrast with his seemingly selfless acts of bravery and compassion.

The, um, climax of the story is a confrontation between Coley and the Black Widow, a woman of unknown mystical powers who wants Coley’s cock… in more ways than one. Coley is seemingly at her mercy (of which she has none), but manages to turn the tables on her at the end. Be warned: This part gets a bit violent and gruesome, so if you’re the squeamish type, you might want to steer clear.

Surprisingly, the anti-climax of the story is not a sexual anti-climax. (”But wait… there’s more!”) There’s a bit of sucking and fucking that takes place as the ties get loosened and a few loose ends get tied. And Coley is ready and eager to embark on a new adventure…

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