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DescriptionVet Pro meets Cocky Rookie in London's Blue Grotto

When Simon challenges the hunky pro to a collar and elbow lock-up John just tosses him off. "Want some?", he asks the young novice as he slaps him across the face and grinds him into the mat. Simon knows he's in trouble when the big guy lifts him and body slams him onto the unforgiving mats.
John shakes the young lad up in a bog bearhug then unceremoniously dumps him to the mat. Simon makes some effort but he's foiled each and every time by the wily ring vet. The first fall neck-stretch is nasty and sustained even after Simon submits. "Want some more?", he asks the battered blue-eye.
Crotch watchers will love this one, especially seeing Simon's butt humping the mat when John has him face-down in a full nelson. And when the older guy has the younger in a sleeper, Simon's packed pouch and excitement are center-stage. Out of frustration and humiliation, Simon finally resorts to attacking big John's bandaged knee.
A big bouncing, leg-wrenching single leg boston gets the cocky rookie a sensational submission. "You weren't expecting this, were you, big guy?!", Simon says as he paint-brushes the back of the older guy's head. The cocky youngster stepped over the line.
Another huge bodyslam and the muscle hunk gets his revenge as sexy Simon melts in the big guy's arms in one big bearhug after another. How our sexy Simon suffers!

SIMON FORRESTER: 5'11, 150 lbs
JOHN HARVEY: 5'8, 185 lbs


Hung and Horny Sex Studs in Private

These guys are obviously hot for each other. They start ripping at each other's clothes even before they get through the door of our little London wrestle-room. This stripping scene is hot as hell as the tattooed brit-hunks peel each other.
When they get down to their white briefs and white socks, it's hard to tell who is more excited as both have eager hard-ons. Sexy Steve pins Mickey, grinding his face with his bulging whities, taunting, teasing and groping him.
Mickey is cocky and never stops fighting back but Steve just has too much power and strength, keeping the goateed dude down on his back repeatedly man-handling his cock, peeling his briefs, thumbing his hole, slapping and spitting on his butt.
Mickey finally gets on top and relishes ramming his hefty basket into Steve's face. He even force-kisses the bigger stud before getting his equalizing submission. These tough guys are unabashedly horny MEN who grope gruffly, wrestle roughly and stay hard and hyped throughout.
Steve pins the ripped, rippled Rollins and takes the beautiful Brit's big dick into his mouth. Mickey tries to dominate Steve by pinning his face with his bare balls but it's not long before Mickey gets a face-full of Steve's arse. Mickey is forced to submit again, this time with a cross body scissors.
But he gets revenge by shoving his briefs into Steve's mouth. Both hung studs slam into each other grabbing the other's raging hard-on, like two guys out of one of MATT'S cock-fight drawings. This battle is NOT over! Forced face-fucking.
Tremendously erotic. Superbly sexual. Spilling his huge creamy load on Mickey's chest, Steve Masters moans, "Fuck yeah!" Blimey, mate! We couldn't agree more! A super hot Brit-men X-Fight!

STEVE MASTERS: 5'11, 180 lbs
MICKEY ROLLINS: 6', 170 lbs


Barefoot Lightweight Mat Mayhem

Tough lightweight newcomer Joe wastes no time in taking down the Frenchman and punishing him in a tight side-headlock, working over his gut, jackknife pinning him with his crotch smothering his face and demanding a submission. It's pretty much a total squash first fall. Remy tries to turn things around and even manages to plop his own pouch down on Joe's face but the mighty mite breaks free and takes target practice on LaSalle's gut and crotch. Remy finally scores with a reverse schoolboy pin burying his butt on Joe's face. The smother pin work combined with a couple of gut shots get him his first submission. And proud he is but the looks of the expanded bulge in his trunks! A long schoolboy puts Joe back on top, tormenting Remy with tit-twisters and very nasty ball-squeezes. When Joe wipes his bare foot across Remy's face and other body parts the fur starts to fly and the match just gets rougher as both lightweights go all out for punishment.

JOE ALBERT: 5'5 140
REMY LASALLE: 5'7, 130 lbs

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