[email protected] - Virtual Date 03 - Akiya (avi)

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PlayGames Virtual Date Series number 3. HUNKY guy named Akiya. Apparently he's now the Japanese record holder in bench press or something and he doesn't do porn anymore. He's smoking hot in this. Be aware of some things- masking is used as per most Japanese porns, and this is an actual 'date', so the video has things like the guys going out to dinner and watching fireworks. The sex is only about 40 minutes of the whole video, but it's hot enough for me to post it. Akiya tops the 'cameraman' first, and then flips. Condoms are used, but for the second cumshot, it's made to look like the guy came inside Akiya. I don't know if it's completely real but it looks hot!
Again- please don't message me and complain that there wasn't enough 'sex' for you. Look at the pictures and decide if he's worth the download. If not, no harm done. Move on to something else. For me, this guy is totally worth it. I could literally watch him eat dinner and get turned on (and yes, there's footage of him eating dinner).
You don't have to leave me seed points but I do appreciate a simple "Thank You".
2010-07-15 17:02:13
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