♺ Hardhat [Jaguar-Marathon-Bijou]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-17 |
This was a request by a very special friend who has given me more movies that I requested than I could ever give him.

It goes without saying that if he wants a movie and it is in my power to get it, he may consider it done.

I must say that this title was more than I expected.
I had already planned on getting it to share, but only because it was a classic that was not all over the net.  I thought I would not be interested in a movie with such a macho title.

Boy was I wrong!

There are some seriously hot and cute boy-toy types here, especially the blonds.

To paraphrase an old adage: "Never judge a smut flick by it.s cover!"

Hunk lovers need not worry either.
Plenty of them in it too!

If you would like a sneak preview, you can view the one I made, streamed from my own site here:

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



Hardhat AKA Men Under the Hardhat [Jaguar-Marathon-Bijou]




Adam, our married (but separated) construction worker, is torn between his wife and his male friend/lover. The construction crew that adam works with is all gay, which makes for a lot of sex on the job. Good camera work, handsome and plenty of good sex and cum shots. As an added plus a nude motorcycle rider makes Hard Hat a winner!



Jaguar Productions.s Hard Hat is filled with men... real men. Men with hard hats, tight jeans, plaid shirts, sweaty chiseled bodies and mustaches populate this Jaguar production centering around the sexual hi-jinx among a group of workers at a high-rise construction site. The site foreman Jerry (supposedly a he-man, but his acting can.t mask his more feminine nature) manages a group of men who can.t seem to get much work done with all of the fucking and sucking happening. Union work never looked so inviting.

But while the guys work and have sex, a strange man is voyeuristic-ally watching all the action through a telescope across the street (and you know it.s still the 70s because he.s kneeling on a fabulous lime-green shag carpeting while jerking off). The sex is hot, especially when some of the masculine dudes get it on with the new smooth blond kid.

There.s plenty of man-raunch to satisfy pre-condom fans in this sexy, sleazy film gem.

-- Mr. Powerbar


Sweaty, muscular construction workers - that.s what this 1977 film offers, plenty of macho blue-collar types.

Adam Mitchell stars as a divorced construction worker curiously attracted to a young co-worker.  That attraction turns to lust as Mitchell and the slender blond suck each other.s cock and Mitchell fucks the blond. Mitchell also gets it on with other construction workers, including a four-way with Derek Stanton and two others.

The film is dated and some spots are technically weak by today.s standards, but Mitchell,s performance redeems it.

Previously released as Men Under the Hardhat.

Stars: Adam Mitchell, Derek Stanton, Marc Stephens, Barry Bingham, Kip Nelson, Rick Stevens, David Reed, Jeer Weinman.

Non-sexual: Rebecca Conners

Director: Jason Michaels

Released: 1977


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