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Original upload: 2011-10-14 |
What exactly is Emo? If you talk to anyone who looks to fit the mold of Emo, most of them will tell you they're something else. Scene guys, goth musicians, or just plain trendy, can all fit under the umbrella of Emo. Alterna-dudes who don't like to be boxed in under any one label. This is a collection of some of those guys; whether they have long hair, dyed hair, piercings, or tats--these guys all love cock. In our search, we found guys getting fucked, Emos getting blown, Emos sucking cock, and Emos blowing their hot, stick loads in mouths, down throats, and on hot panting bodies.

Starring; Tristan, Kade, Skyler, Spencer Reed, Renan Valentine, Jake Ryans, Alecks, Tyler Crue

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