♺ Studio 2000 - Desert Fire Studio (2003)

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This is another hot flick from Studio 2000 starring everyone's favorite - Chandler - and a host of other sizzling talents, telling the story of- erm - it's difficult to work out. I think it's students on an archeological dig but really it's just another excuse for blistering interracial sexual encounters that'll leave you gasping for air.

Start with Devlin, Dane and Atkins breaking down in the desert; I think it�s supposed to be New Mexico. Well, their own stupid fault really, they never should have spent the car�s servicing money on facials and Absolut Citron.

The three push the clapped-out old banger in search of civilization, but let�s face it, Vegas is over the next hill, it�s not like they�re stranded in the Dune Sea on Tatooine. They end up at a dusty old shack that turns out to be their intended destination anyway. And what do you know - it�s full of virile young men!

Blonde, cute Atkins (who looks like what would happen if Wonderbread made people) wanders round the casa stumbling across muscular Marquez bathing in what looks like a giant metal ashtray. Admiring the tattoo on his broad shoulders, the Latino hunk doesn�t need words to entice Atkins into joining him. They passionately kiss before Marquez undresses his white beau and carries him into the tub. Atkins eagerly swallows the stranger�s uncut meat before Marquez opens up his tight young hole with his fingers, loosening it, so his massive cock can slide in and out. Atkins is well and truly (and noisily) fucked rotten by the dark stud before he releases a flood of jizz that his partner tops with his own spray.

Next there�s some atrocious acting in the villa between Dane and Martin before Chandler enters, frenches stunning newcomer Martin, as Dane looks on aghast.

Elsewhere more students have arrived and are unpacking, James remarking how it�s so peaceful and mythical. Dissolve to him and shaved lover Leon naked and seriously swallowing each other�s dongs. Once Leon�s balls are well and truly soaking wet the �red mist� descends and Leon eats out his partner�s ass like a man possessed, getting the tasty hole ready for a jackhammering that James frantically begs for. Leon works his nipples as he thrusts his massive tool in and out of James� ass, his huge totemic cock a barometer of how much he loves the anal ecstasy. When James shoots his load, he explodes with an intensity that sends it flying everywhere. Not to be outdone, Leon�s popshot is equally impressive, a huge globby white line travelling navel to neckline.

�Professor� (ahem) Dane seems to be wandering the valley looking for interesting rocks (poor thing mustn�t get out much) when he spies mysterious movement ahead of him. On closer inspection he finds it�s Devlin, getting an expert blow-job from Corelli. Once Devlin has well and truly face-fucked the Latin lovely he gets on his knees and deepthroats his hot date like a true professional. Dane�s impressed by this handiwork and asks in broken English if he can join in, to which Corelli responds in equally terrible English, �the more the merrier.� But the unintentional joke here comes in the subsequent shot: a wide angled long-shot showing the professor has been no more than four feet away from them throughout. So much for watching unnoticed! They head for shade where Devlin continues sucking Corelli�s flagpole-sized equipment whilst Dane energetically fucks his white hole. Corelli samples the professor�s fuckskills too, before all three sweat-soaked studs lose their baby-batter all over each other�s tight bodies.

Chandler and lover Martin�s alfresco romantic dinner (don�t ask me what bon mots they came out with - the sound sucks) leads to sex there and then - thank heavens the plates magically clear themselves away! Gorgeous well-hung Chandler and even gorgeous-er Martin slobber-kiss (looks great) before they sixty-nine. Chandler shows how to keep a dream-stud like his partner coming back for more by sucking for all he�s worth, whilst Martin makes the whole thing look easy by giving a blow-job so hot you�ll wish you had a private audience! Chandler�s hole is fingered and eaten by his hot-blooded stud before he takes it up the ass, contorting with joy as the beauty slides his fuckstick in and out.

It�s only the second time I�ve ever seen Chandler bottom, and it�s worth it, however brief. Soon the duo have traded places and the perfect couple work each other to a spooge-soaked climax that stands out as one of the video�s high-points, as once Martin begins to spurt, it never seems to stop. Chandler�s cum-contribution would normally shame most at the best of times, but for once he�s left trailing in the dust!

Forget Lopez�s clumsy seduction technique as he works his charms on muscular tattooed Slade and concentrate on the tongue-worship he unleashes on the older guy. The chemistry is phenomenal here and Slade sucks like crazy, sending Lopez straight to Pleasureland as this nipple-chewing, armpit-sucking, ball-licking, cock-swallowing finger-fucking extravaganza ends with Slade taking a rear delivery from his lover that sees Lopez covering his face with hot sauce.

2003, 90 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Studio 2000

Cast:  D.C. Chandler, Roland Dane, Antonio Marquez, Tico Martin, Trent Atkins, Jim Slade, Tino Lopez, Alex Leon, Sal Correlli, Cade Devlin, Dick James

Director:  John Travis

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