Batter Up

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DescriptionCut straight to the locker-room as Harper and Dodger enter, a sweet little butt-slap only the tip of the iceberg as our two young pup-studs undress and get turned on by each other’s sinewy flesh. So far, so vanilla, it’s the usual “blow-job, rim job, get a finger up there” scene. Even as Harper gets four fingers and a dildo up there few experienced eyebrows are gonna be raised. But this is porno’s equivalent of the initial climb of a roller-coaster because the dildos just keep getting bigger and bigger, followed by anal balls and yep, you guessed it - a baseball bat. When this goes in you’ll know you aren’t in Falcon territory. And Dorothy isn’t in Kansas, either. And you got to love a bat that has electrical tape covering up its logo, so it reads PO-R-ITE.

Both guys have great young bodies and amazing cocks, and Harper doesnÂ’t flinch from chewing down on his loverÂ’s tits as that bat slides up deeper and deeper. Harper shoots straight into his catcherÂ’s mitt.

Dissolve to the same locker-room, later. (Looks like the first two performers pushed the mop around after they’d finished. God bless them.) Rider has “hurt his back again” (wonder how?) and black masseur Black is on hand to help. Once again, don’t be fooled, this isn’t as vanilla as it seems and if you’ve seen the Dr.’s Orders double you’ll know what the adorable blonde moppet Rider is really capable of.

The clothes come off and Black produces a vibrating cushion massaging contraption that looks like a boxing glove attached to an upright vacuum cleaner. Is this standard masseur equipment? Who cares, because once this epileptic inflated trash-can liner makes contact with RiderÂ’s quivering buttocks, you know somethingÂ’s gonna happen soon!

After finger-opening our sporting hero, Black pumps his cheeks full of meat and sadly doesnÂ’t get much of a reaction. Not to mind, desperate times call for desperate measures and Black is a man prepared. Out come the mutant anal-balls - five in a row, each one bigger than a baseball - and greedy RiderÂ’s capacious ass gobbles them all up first go; thereÂ’s no camera trickery here. Rider must have an arse like the TARDIS, and BlackÂ’s subsequent up-to-the-elbow fisting session seems like childÂ’s play.

In the dug-out Scott and Lyons wait. Lyons is giving his friend some pretty heavy come-on eyes before their potential sex session is crashed by Anders and Holliday. Don’t ask me how or why but things soon get dirty as Anders - making his debut here - begins slapping the ass of his comrade whilst Lyons grabs Scott who throws him a “get your filthy paws off my silky drawers” look before accepting the inevitable.

Off come mature HollidayÂ’s clothes as he leans against the wire mesh fence to continue receiving his spanking. (And this is team-building how exactly, Coach?) Aroused by all this, spectators Scott and Lyons shed their clothes and beat their mega inches. Both shoot (after some great low angle camera work that makes them look even more blessed) and leave the two rapidly-disrobing older guys all to themselves.

Anders, taking over Corey JayÂ’s usual role of tattooed hairy fisting top, gloves up and gets to work on HollidayÂ’s bright red well-punished ass. Anders gets his fist up his bunker buddy before two become three with the arrival of Decker, the ball boy. He dives straight for AndersÂ’ cock, only coming up for air when heÂ’s ordered to tongue lube HollidayÂ’s hole in preparation for the return of the electrical-taped baseball bat that eventually slides its way up the saliva dripping rectum.

Anders makes each guy ride what IÂ’ve previously christened the PWOLAOSD (see Gut Reaction) and Holliday is dripping with sweat so much IÂ’m hoping the performers donÂ’t slip and break something. Is there a mop and bucket handy? Fade out as young Decker proves heÂ’s no shrinking violet as he replaces Holliday and rides AndersÂ’ fist well into the night.
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