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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-06-21 |
Greyfoxlounge - Dad Mangina


There comes a time in most gay/bi men's lives where they have to choose;
top, bottom or versatile. In the case of D. Mangina, he was born all pussy inside.
It's always great for porn producers when they come across a guy like D. because
there's no confusion or ego about who's doing what. When he arrived at the shoot
and noticed Dad and Seamus rock hard he did what any good vers. bottom would do. . .
he got on his knees and blew then bent over and spread. No muss, no fuss. I truly loved
the raw pounding by the pool. The boys knew how to treat this lady and deeply penetrated.
Round and round they went like a dirty merry go round; ass to mouth, back to ass, then back
to mouth. The action really heated up inside. D. Mangina decided he'd get a little revenge fuck
on Seamus and pounded him good while Dad fed him meat. Then Dad wanted a piece of Seamus's
warm butt so he hit it too! WOW, what a great ride! Check out the hot silver fox who's house we filmed
at. He was sexy and even got in on the action. Great time all around. I hope you guys dig the new flick
and as promised, 100% bareback cause condoms suck!!! Pedri
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