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Brandon & Brendan

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Brendan is apparently not going to waste time with minor players on Sean Cody, because here he is with Brandon.
Being both a Sean Cody model and a fan, Brendan is of course, nervous as shit in front of the legendary Brandon, which he readily admits upfront.
The nerves disappear quickly, however, giving way to orgasm after orgasm.
First comes a bit of teaser nonsense as Brendan shoots his load onto Brandon’s ass without, of course, fucking him. He then licks it up, providing Brandon with a first hand understanding of the term “felching”, which he thought was related to “belching”. Not quite.
Brandon, looking even larger than before, does his usual terrific job of topping, thrusting into the rookie Brendan quite hard. This sends Brendan into spasms of ecstasy, allowing him, in all, to shoot a least three different times*, including once without even touching his dick.
Regarding the teaser at the beginning, I found it unnecessary and silly. But because I know there will be another chorus demanding he bottom, I will reiterate that I don’t care if Brandon ever bottoms. He’s a good top and that’s all that matters.
Regarding Brendan, as our cameraman says: “You are more than welcome to stay forever.”
*I watched the scene several times and each time I lost count, in part because it was hard to tell if Branden came twice in close succession or once for a long, long time. Please correct me if I got it wrong.
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